Twitter style and tone

the allure of a potentially massive audience, the secret hope people have in their tweets, barely concealed desperation trying to translate their inner world to viral fame. Compressed. Self conscious slang. Internationalised Americanised banter. Template drama. Stock jokes.


Boooooring. Rich this line has been regurgitated the last decade by everyone over 30! You're far too interesting and have done too many drugs to just rehash the basics
It's still true and needs to be acknowledged. I feel this particularly with Instagram cos all my friends use it and I don't get it. It really seems a decision to move downwards.
Twitter I do like though. The loss of nuance is (arguably) compensated for by the focus it forces. Anyway, you do get a load of people who write twenty posts in a row an then you can kinda link them in one "unroll" so there are ways around it. Must have been tight when there were only half as many characters though (I never used it then) - and the lack of an edit function is surely there to cause trouble.


I guess that twitter is mainly for arguing and so they decided not to give people the chance to go back and change their points... whereas facebook and dissensus are much more friendly and you can change what you said to "luka sucks donkey dicks" just after he's liked it - but they (Sufi - the man) trust you not to.
Edit: Luka does suck donkey dicks
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can you give us an operational definition of twitter tone, or at least some examples

there are a lot of "twitters" by which I mean linguistic subcultures

Yes but you already know. what does this format and platform reward and accentuate? What does it punish?what does it ten us toward and what does it make us hold back.

And then in how it presents the world, how does that lead us to relate to each other etc etc
Suspended it won’t do to be all ‘there are many voices’ - if I say to you do a radio presenter voice, do the voice of an auction host. There are many.. but Why do certain styles succeed and others don’t in the long term, it’s partly about a lockin around audience expectation but it’s also about how certain moods and intensities resonate in certain times and spaces


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140characters is the sweet spot for attention, pizazz and glitter (See Trump)

Be great to see it hacked and incinerated, it’s a mental health warp drive

Disengage from this funnelling of agency into ever more narrow platforms which rarely change much....blogs are far more fun as a comparison, but that’s just me


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this thread needs typologies. twitter bios are always brilliant. with all the flags and that.