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The recent UK rap thread got me thinking - are there any long form (LP/album/mixtape) UK rap, road or drill things that really work all the way through? Can't think of much off the top of my head. "Patriot Games", some of the Soul Food mixtapes, Boy in Da Corner. What else is there? Sure I'm spacing on loads. I know sweet FA about road rap and the like so that's a gap in my knowledge.

wild greens

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Some of these won't be on streaming etc but reckon will probably all still be on datpiff. Only road rap era I am too old to speak for drill etc

Giggs & Shak- The Hardest
Giggs & Dubz- Ard Bodied
Giggs- Walk In The Park
Youngsta- Crystal Meth
Fix Dot'm & Buck- Wooly @ Heart
Tempman- Shooting Star 1 or 2
OTB- Woolyhood
Youngs Teflon- Call of Duty 1/2, think the other good one was The Renaissance?
Young Spray- Realer Than Most or Hard To Kill
Pakman- Grams to Grands
Best of Colours
Carns Hill- OT
Fekky- This Ones's On Me

Loads more. I'll have a think

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Skinnyman - Council Estate Of Mind
Roots Manuva - Awfully Deep
Ramson Badbonez - A Year In the Life of Oscar The Slouch
Blak Twang - Kik Off


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Yeah I suppose.

Five man army is the one for me probably.

But generally, not really "road rap" more a soulful sort of thing is how I always think of massive attack. They are a bit genre busting tho really.

qwerty south

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reminds me of rainy hull streets. mate's dad worked at bbc radio stoke so he had a promo of the album
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