Dissensus Raw: The Compilation - A Thread


Maybe we could have the final revealing of the tracks with a listening party on the 26th and then take it from there? Best not to rush. Still waiting to hear from a few people how they're getting on.
My friend was supposed to come round and make it f.... help me make it i mean on Weds but he was too hungover. This is now rescheduled for Sunday, mo excuses.


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We said end of the month, but there's a full moon on the 26th, so it would be perfect if everyone had theirs done by the 23rd or earlier so we could maybe get them mastered and put on Bandcamp and do a release thing on the 26th. Which means 12 days to go!

What does everyone think?

Also, @polystyle has mentioned it, but what do we think about mastering? I've never had anything mastered so I don't know the logistics. Assuming it will cost something, but no idea how much.

@soul_pill what do you think? How long does it usually take? and what does it cost?

Would be great to have as many people weigh in on this, especially those who've released something before and know the deal

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I can master for free, but it will be in spare time in between other work, but depending on number of tracks it could be done within a week. I can also sequence the album etc.


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Maybe we could have the final revealing of the tracks with a listening party on the 26th and then take it from there? Best not to rush. Still waiting to hear from a few people how they're getting on.
to me this sounds like a very, very good idea,
it should bring up the morale (some actual, cohesive results), lay down a blueprint for the final form of the release and perhaps inspire for second touches if necessary!


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mastering is fairly pricey, the cheapest recommendation I know of, works out to about £30 a track. makes sense to do it ourselves imo. if anyone here has experience and is willing to do it for free, then that gets my vote.


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Mastering (especially if there's more tracks than in single/EP) can take longer than few days, so 23rd might be too late to submit the tracks if we want this to be out on 26th.
Yes, i would expect Mastering sessions them selves can take a day or so , depending on work load.
Let's confer with Soul Pill on it ...
All in all, the pieces are not sounding out of control , riding that edge.

But yeah, it takes some time and depending on their schedule ...


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Today is session day : )
Day 2 making the 2m soundscape inna Skycraper rave evening elevator ride mode
aka '9 OClock Drop'
And i found neighbor and Ike Yard, Death Comet Crew group mate
Michael Diekmann and i had 2 pieces lying dormant from last time we jammed
aka DancerDust / Le Jardin ( slowly ) which suddenly sounded just right.
So i made new beats on Reason Thurs , we joined the 3 sectors together @ ProTools and multi tracked on them adding 3 kinds of metal perc detuned bells and so on.
And in a couple hours i go back over to his place to scrounge around for sounds, finish and mix these babies


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this, but slowly starting to overgrow with flora, bumblebees buzzing about:



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Meant to post this yesterday

Talk us through at least one of your production tricks that you use and that perhaps defines your sound…

“This will sound quite rude but I recommend it for all producers actually. Most of my tracks have what I have unfortunately nicknamed a ‘fuck you’ moment. It’s a moment in the music where I try my best to say… ‘OK, here is the sound flipped and also reversed on a drum fill that you didn’t expect’.

“That is just a random example but essentially it’s a moment where I try to say to the listener, ‘I am a real music producer. I didn’t just chuck a bunch of loops into a bin. Check this out!’

“There is no set way to do this, it’s just a way of thinking. Take your track’s weirdest moment and just say, ‘OK what if I made this 300% more weird, like something nobody else would bother trying because it’s such a pain in the ass to execute?’. That’s the ‘fuck you’ moment.”