Music and "the zeitgeist"

qwerty south

no use for a witticism
This song (using a famous Clams Casino beat) from one of the UK's rap veterans around 2011 captured it for me and still is relevant today

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Qwerty, you bring up a strong, timely point ie: Zeitgeist
This is not yesterday,
it is not ' life under Biden '
Boris is just ... there, taking up space - as politico's do.
It's a strange. strained sweet and sour wind either already blowing up odd weather
and makes people lose their heads, their home or their life - or still coming and we only feel some tremor, shivers.


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i have no idea what the geist is anymore.
actually i think i have no real firm handle on modern music either.
maybe it was always thus.
i just deluded myself into thinking you could have a firm handle and now with so much of the stuff it becomes perfectly clear that such a perspective is a bit of a challenge.
anyway. i like it that way.
puts a bit of mystery back into music.


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haha. actually yes. grime and dubstep was the last scene i was totally invested in. feels like an absolute age ago.
there are still cool scenes i def like (gqom for example), but theres tons i have not investigated from recent years.
tbh i often just like sticking on radio one or kiss and singing along mindlessly to new/recent pop or mersh dance music. you cant tell me that david zowies house every weekend isnt one of the greatest bangers of the last decade (also 17 by MK and that diplo and paul woolford one called looking for me.) :D
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to me the last geists were dean blunt and associated acts... but not really a geist i suppose, cos it's more me being a superfan.
and then all the white hotel music 2017-19... hesska, conor thomas, croww, xyn cabal, all that.