The Genius of Gurley


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got an email last year from the guy behind Tone Def, DJ Yomi, pointing out that 4 Horsemen did not simply = Foul Play alter ego, but was a collaboration with him.

Benny B

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I used to cane this mix bitd, nice to see its still out there

Breakbeat Era - Bullitproof(Steve Gurley Mix)
Valerie M - Tingles 2000(Steve Gurley Remix)
DJ Phantasy Ft Sonia Redd - Music Is My Life(Steve Gurley Vocal Mix)
Basement Jaxx - Red Alert(Steve Gurley Mix)
Antonio - Hyperfunk(Steve Gurley Remix)
Victor Romeo - Inside You(Steve Gurley Mix)
Precious - It's Gonna Be My Way(Steve Gurley Vocal Mix)
Zed Bias - Neighbourhood(Steve Gurley Remix)
NCA Ft Robbie Craig - Lessons(Steve Gurley Remix)
Lenny Fontana - Spirit Of The Sun(Steve Gurley Remix)
Kartik - The Way You Freak(Steve's Rub A Dub)
Furious Ft Destry - Top Of The World(Steve Gurley Dub Mix)
Tee Francis - Tell Me Why(Steve Gurley Mix)
Remi - Talk About It(Steve Gurley Vocal Mix)
Urban Groove Collective Ft Shelly - Glad You Came To Me(Steve Gurley Remix)
DJ Phantasy, DJ Mayhem & Steve Guley Ft SG - How It Is
FX - Sounds Of FX(Steve Gurley Remix)


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This was the first tune I heard of his. I saw some clip of Oneman playing it then found it on the Roots of Dubstep comp,


Benny B

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It's quite interesting listening to the stuff he did post Foul Play but pre-garage that I'm not that familar with, like that one @blissblogger posted in the first post. I've kind of skipped over that period for some reason, but I like this and its new to me.