thank God i had no money to give them no means of seeing either of them in person + had been given the 'cults and groomers' talk from my parents from way early [bc that is Also part of my family history (which is part of what resonates about this music so much)]
but i was on alt-fb/leftbook from the ages of 14 to 18, some of that time with wiz and koa and the people that ended up in the daylife army, yeah. wiz did the same kind of shit buum describes being done to him with the music and collages i was uploading. we had dm's where he tried to convince me i was (by analogy) Joseph From The Bible.


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responding to points in this
'the twee trap is impressively un-cringe' - i think it's even unfair to call it 'twee trap', even if his relationship to 100 gecs, reptilian club boyz, hexd and other rym spawned microgenres/mis-genres is much less antagonistic than mine.
it's neither twee nor trap without being 'against' either twee or trap - it's New York Rap in the lineage of the dipset and the terror squad. there's character and distinction to every vocal cut of his, imo.
yeah i figured "twee trap" was a bit facetious, not a serious assessment, so i just rolled with it


ie his production irt sampling is in the Heatmakers lineage; he's currently based in NYC + constantly taking photos of weird corners of NYC; his bars are swag with it santana camron


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other_life and mvuent are giving dissensus a second-chance to be with the music pulse we all gotta put in the effort join around them give them our enthusiastic support


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you should make the tracks downloadable. you never know when a DJ with global reach might want to play something on their radio show...