Choon of the Day, redux


Last night I went to this town called Caldas to DJ in a bar/club thing there which I've played in once before. It's a really nice spot cos I guess it's maybe the only good bar in town and going there feels almost like a family party (in fact the barman is literally the owner's nephew) with all of the staff and punters knowing each other. It's closing over summer as many places in Portugal do and so he had a kinda goodbye party over two nights with a load of DJs. I didn't make Friday but Saturday was a lot of fun and at the end there was a bit with four of us playing back to back... in fact that's too grandiose a name for it, it wasn't dj-ing at that point, just taking it in turns to put on tunes, and making an effort to play tunes that seemed appropriate to an after party vibe and that were different from the stuff we'd played when we had been playing actual sets earlier.

For that kind of winding down, chilled out, but still sort of up for it time I often like to play Feuerland by Michael Rother (as I have no doubt said a million times before) and so at about 0830 I stuck it on, and then this guy from Brazil followed it up with a tune I had never heard before but which seemed such a perfect fit - in my mind I found myself unconsciously imagining a kind of parallel world with a Brazilian Neu! and the guitarist from this Brazilian Neu! going solo and releasing an album that had a track on it called Terra do Fogo - cos that was the only explanation for how it seemed to fit so well afterwards and sound so perfect. Or maybe it was just my state of mind, I dunno.

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