Happy Thanksgiving Sandy Denny


Cat Malogen
Not to get rockist and move away from singers but Jerry Donahue can fuckin play. Technicolour harmonics and octave transitions. Ripple clarity and never saccharine. That’s about as deep as I can go with Denny. Steeleye Span get more plays unless certain company arrives, gets drunk and stages a tune coup

The Beat Club was a German tv music thing that caught dozens of good acts either side of 1970. Fotheringay’s set in its entirety was up until a few month back. Good channel for sheer variety of archiving


Chtonic Fatigue Syndrome
I think Rob Young's Electric Eden might have some info (vaguely recall that might have been the time of the Fairport Convention van crash but could be imagining that), all I know is it's a genuinely eerie image.