It's Coming. . . D :::: M :::: Z


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No. 3 is almost upon us.

Who is representing?

Count me in.



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Yeah I'm coming, gonna be a 3 day dubstep extravaganza for me & Rob Pinch so fingers crossed I last the distance.


i'm going, the last one was excellent plus its me burfdee the day b4 so some family are coming up and friends are going for it.
feel alot happier travelling across london for this than i do about going to forward nowdays, maybe its my age/bankbalance, maybe its just a special treat.


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hope to pop by to this, it's on my way home, just listening to RinseFM, there's this track that has the same sound as wot the OS X mail prog has for 'new arrival' it's just gettin a bit confusing ;)