r'n'b track out at the minute that samples the drums from things done changed by big


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anyone heard it?
i just heard it on 1xtra,didnt catch the name
it's quality
it has a male and female vocal
also,any other good r'n'b at the moment?

captain easychord

Nick Gutterbreakz said:
dunno about r'n' b but i'm liking that tune by Missy Elliot w/ Fatman Scoop that samples Cybotron's 'Clear'.

i want to like that tune. it theoretically should be amazing but i find it doesn't really go anywhere. there aren't any memorable bits and i'm irritated by fatman scoop.


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Yeah, ditto on that Missy tune. There's just nothing much to grab on to there, as with that 'On and On' tune with Pharrell.

At least she's proudly carrying the Juan Atkins sampling torch first borne by Sir Mix-A-Lot with his classic 'Baby Got Back'. ;) :p