Virginia Astley x Monkeypox thread


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Funny you should connect these dots in particular, because Astleypox is a known variant of monkeypox

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I think the only thing I have to contribute is that this track was a nice bit of light in the sparkling darkness of the Some Bizzare compilation LP from 1986



Can't help with Virginia Astley, but I've had 'Monkey Cage' by Felix Da Housecat in my head, only as 'Monkey Pox'. Might be a bit hard to say "It's just overblown sniffles!" when your body looks like bubble wrap.


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Her big album is entitled Gardens Where We Feel Secure.... from a terrible infectious disease that could kill us all.
Which is very prescient when you think about it.
(I may have added a little bit there).


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It's interesting that the largest ever monkeypox outbreak in Europe occurs the same week that CPAC are hosting their first ever European event.