Invisible Sounds on Threads Radio 1600 Tues 8th Nov


Threads Radio have been on a hiatus for a few months after leaving their studio and they took that chance to rejig a few things behind the scenes. They have now re-started with a smaller interim schedule prior to a full relaunch next year.
Our first show in this new schedule is Tues 8th November and it's 90 min. We already had an hour long guest mix so our contribution is 30 min, containing a number of tunes people sent me.

So tune in to at 1600 tomorrow (now only one player on the page so it's easy) with an absolute killer mash-up mix from madcap maniac Nadia Wise - a Berlin based Londoner who has slammed together a selection of electro, eighties pop, r&b etc with a kinda punk attitude underlying the whole thing

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Our last show is now online here... I think it was a real killer that Nadia did for us, you can check it here

And it says last show, which in this case is accurate, as it will be our final ever show for Threads, time to move on and all that. Train To Invisible City Show will henceforth be on Georgia's Mutant Radio, starting in early December.

Anyway, tracklist on this banger to follow soon.


Oh, I should say that our part of the mix features a few tunes that people sent me, notably it finishes with a kinda epic-mellow krautjam from @bunnyhausen - thanks much for that tune.



La Fura Dels Baus - Mareâ
David Van Tieghem - Hunted Animals
Ginuwine - Pony (Instrumental)
César Camargo Mariano & Nelson Ayres - Os Breakers
International Noise Orchestra - Gimme More Lovin
Yello - Lost Again
Was (Not Was) - Wheel Me Out
Shriekback - Mistah Linn He Dead
Curt Cress - Sundance
Xēna - On The Upside (Dub)
Invisible Image - Play To Win
Fresh - Dum-Dum
Cybotron - Cosmic Raindance
Ginuwine - Pony (A cappella)

Invisible Sounds
2 Clubs - Rasputin (Kolonya! Rework)
XCI - Safety Car
C.A.R - My Friend
Crash Course in Science - Passage
Christian X - Ritmo Especial
Xylitol - Vertx