traum/trapez in london this saturday


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Oh dear, I know someone just posted about Sway and Bruza playing this Saturday, and I'm not sure if Dissensus is really lovign the Cologne house sound, but me and a friend have invited

Triple R
Steve Barnes/Process
Michael Fentum

all to play as part of a traum and trapez showcase thing on Saturday 9th, ie this sat, in bardens bar, stoke newington road. Theres a flyer and more info here

10 -3. its seven pounds to get in. it shold be really good, i hope!


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Good luck with this, triple R and Steve Barnes have played my mates' night Kliks here in Brighton, should be a good one. Monolake and Sleeparchive are also playing live that night but it's a ticket only affair and I think it's sold out. You should post this in the little detroit club listings, plenty of fans of the Cologne sound over on there.
edit: I see you already posted there and are aware of the Monolake clash. :eek: Have fun anyway, look out for the Brighton crew.
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FYI this night is still on.

steve barnes and riley are still happy to come down, so hope to see you there.

simon silverdollar

who went to this? reports please!

i really wanted to go but some friends arrived at my flat unexpectedly so i had to stay around and 'entertain'...


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caught Steve Barnes which varied from inspired to by the numbers...unfortunately was in no state to hang around and catch much of Triple R. Number of attendees was rather disappointing - am hoping the promoters didn't get too burned. Must say, whilst Barden's Boudoir seems to have some a lot going for it, the space seems to be looking worse for wear and is definitely more venue than club space

any reports from the Monolake gig?


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thanks to those that made it, steve said it was one of the best gigs hes done. maybe not exactly capacity crowd, but those that were there were definitely really up for it, depsite our PA woes. Rileys set got a bit lost in the murk of the soundsystem, which was a shame. look out for michael fentum and burnski playing more in the capital, seems like some people (eg boomnoise) are interested in the wicked sets they both gave...