skepta- good...or gash?


My first post just to say that Skepta is the ultimate rollercoaster of microphone champion/ wasteman.

From merkin sets to rolex sweep to full grime revivalism to half hearted beef with Wiley and so on.

He wants to be a real MC but then he wants to get bigger and does some pop bits only to get fed up and jump back on his greez

Bullet from a gun is a great tune IMO can't wait for whatever cheese he'll probably push this Summer


Thanks babe!

This forum is definitely hitting a very particular duality I've always had but never found elsewhere. Academic takes on Drill, dissection of the hardcore continuum and I appreciate the heavy UK perspective. You got a good thing going


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i hope you stick around the forum body wall.

i've got a big drill article being published soon, so i need you to tell me how brilliant i am.


yeh Link us or do a post for it plz. Am gagging for some drill academia.
There's not a lot besides the end of Hancox's inner city pressure and a few articles by Watson Rose.

I know a lot of people hate on drill but I think it's got a gorgeous sound and is truly representative of the times we live in, way beyond the music even.

Yeh don't worry m8 ur obvs the big bollox round ere I'll tell u how good it is