Tribute to DJ Screw Tonight on Damage Control

Man it goes down tonight like it does every July and every November in the studios of KPFT. It's our official tribute to DJ Screw night. Man, I have confirmations from Hawk, ESG and Big Bub so far so who knows who they will bring and who else will show up. We got calls into everyone, at least Chill and Bub say then been letting everyone know. i been slow on the phone with the new family and all but I am trying to make some things happen man. I will let you know more if anything comes up before the show. If not just tune in as usual.

Wednesday night Thursday morning - thats tonight.

midnight till 2 a.m. CENTRAL TIME

90.1 FM in Houston
89.5 in Dallas on the internet.

Hit up kpftdamage on that AIM with your shout outs and dedications to Screw if that shit happens to work tonight.

Definitely tune in, this show is always a classic.


captain easychord

big up pushermania holding it down. i'll be locked.


Mr Moraigero
stelfox said:
i'm pissed off that i'm not in town for this. matt, you have to post this on the blog!
yeah please do!! I''m bummed I just moved out of TX now ...