so, will Wiley be with Roll Deep in nyc friday???


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cooper said:
really? i saw karnage working the crossfader quite a lot - there were a lot of nice chops going on.

but it was blended drops, in more of a jungle DJ style than hip hop cuts, i.e. no intro bass notes, and alot of time the two songs would be gradually blended together, as opposed to hip hop style, where the two songs are played seperately, not blended... the chops were dancehall style during the songs, as a percussive thing...

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Sounds like an action packed weekend. Wish those plane tickets from the UK to Cali were cheaper love to get them artists out here. Big ups on the crew who got to see Kano perform and glad to hear he did a dope performance. Was his show up there energy-wise to Dizzee's live performances?
Roll Deep sounded like they were still sleeping from jetlag from the looks of the reviews but glad to hear they actually came thru to perform. And i feel one of the posters on here bout what they said about Cameo not getting enough time to perform. I mean for cryin out loud (to quote Fumin
:cool: ) Didnt they record all this to be broadcasted on 1xtra? but yeah glad to hear about all the DJs doing their thing and also for the music getting pushed more and more.

**note on Cooper's Blog: Man that commentary on the Knitting Factory was too funny man.

peace out



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Just got back from the shows as well...i dont have time to get into it and i'll be working on my report and i'll link it up here but i really think i have a different view on the show than what ive read on here...

I also had a chance to sit down and chill with all the people involved and maybe i saw things differently...

but i'll just say that i liked roll deep on a whole way more than kano's key for it all is that roll deep chilled around the club and talked to lots of ppl so this talk about them being high on themselves is bull...kano came in did his set and left like 15 minutes later...

i was pissed my camera fucked up for the roll deep show, but i got my backup working for the kano show so ive got the whole show on lock...

stayed tooned kiddies


ambrose said:
"that kano show was fucking raw! bionix was djing too."

:O ! i always wondered what happened to bionix. he made some awesome beats a while back!

most famously though, he didn't, having claimed 'Capsule' by Hindzy D (Slimzos 001) as his own circa 2002/3.


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My 2 sensus:

Friday at KF was very exciting immediately afterward but aiiight in light of the rest of the weekend. It was downright perplexing that Roll Deep did not have 4 mics. Is this Knitting Factory or ABC No Rio? DJ A-Trak was a good addition to the show grime/ukg as part of the hiphop continuum but the show would have benefitted from another stateside performer/DJ before Roll Deep.

Wiley == RZA. Trim and Flowdan were unflaggable. Scratchy was losing his voice so we missed all the "yee yee!" sounds!! What's up with everyone in Roll Deep rocking my middle school gym clothes? Nike Sport '93!

The afternoon show was an enjoyable debacle. Roll Deep was not originally slated to perform so I wasn't surprised at its brevity. They were tighter and more energetic, though more song-to-song oriented than the previous night's rave style. Plus, they had 4 mics!

I won't rehash criticism about the event's administration. It was bizarre that DJ Cameo was on for such a short time, and it was even more bizarre that Human Crack in the Flesh should have performed before Kano. (What was up with the "Juelz is going to play one more.." fake out?)

I have no complaints about Juelz. Perhaps my tastes are becoming more adolescent as I spend so much time around high school students, but I was just as psyched as the kid with the homemade bandana to hear "Mic Check" and the other 12 minutes of music. The kid is a magnet of energy on stage. So homo.

Kano and Ghetto are an atomic combination. After seeing them in the park, I knew it would be ridiculous that evening. Having Diplo DJ was a genius move as it loosed up the crowd in a big way for the visitors to take the stage. (Plus, Diplo scratching that video was ill.. can anyone talk more knowledgably about how this is accomplished?)

The question lingering over this weekend was the one that follows grime discourse in the US, can grime "make it" here? At the park, I was tempted to say, no, as I compared the reaction kids had to Dipset with that of Roll Deep / Kano. There are certain signifiers that make G-Unit as popular as it is that don't exist in UKG. That said, Kano could be the Daddy Yankee that breaks UKG in the USA. I can definitely hear "P's and Q's" getting spins around

What else went down besides performing? Any trans-atlantic collabs or DVD plans?


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ha! those voice complaints about roll deeps not giving a shit about the crowd, or performing, are the same as those aired by the british press for every stadium gig US hiphop artists do in the UK....maybe roll deep assumed thats how the US likes it? ;)


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but theyre right that kano is the most understanding person in grime of how to perform on stage, outside of a sidewinder gig*. thats why i thought he would be bigger than dizzee but it doesnt seem to have happened

* i dont have any evidence to back that up, ive never seen him play, nor did i ever go to sidewinder, but i just got that impression from dvds etc.


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one view is that they know they're performing for trendspotters aka "hipster blogger dorks" -- and so they take the piss

(though, again, i think roll deep were actually pretty good in terms of being "tricky" and "off" and arhythmic)

however, the notion that everybody who seeks out new music is a hipster blogger dork is rather self-hating and flies in the face of the way the world works today

nowadays everything is done over the internet, that's how the word is spread

so there's no point in romanticizing the underground music networks of yore and then hating everything that goes down today b/c it's disseminated via internet, via e-mail, etc

i.e., you either rely on the record companies and big media or you follow up on the leads of hipster blogger dorks and decide for yourself

but if you're gonna wait around and do nothing unless you recieve word from the proper channels, it'll never happen


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hint said:

possibly the most retarded thing i've ever read... seems to be written by a 17 year old from the mid west who's had a subscription to Vice magazine since he was 12 and has NEVER seen a hip hop show...

honestly, i see hip hop shows ALL THE TIME where dudes forget lines, etc etc. and i'd rather see that then some perfectly rehearsed robot show... best hip hop show i've seen recently was Monster Island Czars (from first MF Doom record) and they made Roll Deep look professional... this dude needs to stick to Nelly shows and realize that he also sounds like an ass judging UK garage based stuff on the basis of US hip hop...

if this show was boring and chaotic with no front man, etc, i wonder how he would have liked the RZA show i saw at Tramp's in 98, when RZA djed half of the show and let all the wu tang b-teamers rap instead... and yunno what? it was STILL a good show...


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petergunn said:
honestly, i see hip hop shows ALL THE TIME where dudes forget lines, etc etc. and i'd rather see that then some perfectly rehearsed robot show... best hip hop show i've seen recently was Monster Island Czars (from first MF Doom record) and they made Roll Deep look professional... this dude needs to stick to Nelly shows and realize that he also sounds like an ass judging UK garage based stuff on the basis of US hip hop....

I'm not sure he is. He even agrees with your first point about Hip Hop shows being pretty shambolic:

Here's the thing: American rappers can get away with shows like this because they've got songs we've heard on the radio and faces we've seen on TV. They don't have to work for our love; they just have to soak it up. If you're a foreign rapper pimping an album that's not commercially available in this country, you don't have that luxury. We aren't going to fall all over ourselves just because you've got weird beats and an accent. You need to put on a show or risk letting your entire country down. Dancehall and reggaeton guys get it. Roll Deep doesn't.

Whilst much of the article may be unpleasant and unnecessary, I think he has a valid point there (apart from the bit about letting a whole country down, of course). Putting on a good live show with beats and MCs isn't easy, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. The fact that he picked up on Kano rhyming over Dear Summer shows that even small gestures can prick up ears and make a difference.


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cooper said:
"i just moved to the city" -> "i need to say controversial things to get my rep up"

he also thought ghetto was demon.

in his defense, i think one of the links in "hipster blogger dorks" is his own blog.


and he didn't know who Trim was... i guess that's the point, he's representing the mainstream dilantante hipster view of things... but, honestly, i thought it was a real dickhead review, being negative to big up yourself... lame...


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go on then, you duppy

I posted this as a comment on his article, doubt he'll approve it so I'll put it here:

"Wow, that is one of the more ignorant poorly written reviews I've ever read. Firstly, Kano's hypeman was Ghetto, not Demon. Where are you getting your information? It seems from your misguided self, because it, like your opinions, is way off. When you started in with Juellz is garbage etc etc I realized that you and I were clearly living in parallel bizarro dimensions. I was born in New York and grew up there but fled, partly because of donuts like you and your friends moving to my city, driving up the rents and struggling bitterly to prove that you are snottier, more jaded and cooler than everyone in your provincial hometown by dissing whatever you don't understand. Hold tight everyone who's style is outdated. SIZZLE.SHT"

Baltimore residents don't be mad, I've never been there and have nothing against the place, I just had to give it to him about his 'I just moved to NY and I'm dissing everyone' routine.


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that review is a bit harsh, but its probably pretty accurate. wiley isnt exactly a willing performer, roll deep are usually unfocused, and havent looked that comfortable being up there the times ive seen them. they need a bit of focus, someone to lead them. even on cd: uk, they looked like they had no idea what they were meant to be doing. they just wanted to get to the back of the stage and hide. ive seen a lot worse then them but its just dissapointing cos well, its roll deep. anyway, the fact this VV reviewer gave kano a strong review shows he knows what a good gig should be like, cos kano is one of the best performers out there.
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DJ Lioness has got everybody's back again... mp3's of ROLL DEEP and KANO's live sets from the EAST RIVER N.Y. show up here : ... apologies if somebody already posted this somewhere... i'm sleepy & my eyes hurt (0_0;) ... sound quality is pretty low but you can catch the energy of the shows completely... wish i was there!!!