Mike Ladd and DJ Orgasmic at WWWHUT!?


Hi there,

I really apologise for spamming, but I think adding the Wiley performance last time went down well, and I'd like to keep letting people know what's happening at the night. So, Mike Ladd and TTCs very eclectic DJ Orgasmic, this saturday, 93 Feet East, free before 9. If Dissensus users want to come after 9, hit jamie@bigdada.com for concs guestlist.

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"God bless the Infesticons... f*&k the majesticons"

If you speak to him pleeeease ask when the infesticons album is dropping (if the project is still alive. The majesticons album had some good tracks but the infesticons stuff off "gun hill road" was amazing... I just re-bought the album on vinyl last week and I had forgotten how great it truly was.