iraqi federalism


Beast of Burden
The Sunni Arab leaders (who are not the Sunni people, or the Sunni majority, or the Kurds who are largely Sunni) need a big reality check on their irresponisble and greedy and destructive objections.

What are their big objections to the proposed constitution?

1. Federalism.

2. Outlawing the Saddam Ba'ath party.

Ask yourself: are those related, and more so, how are they? And, in doing so, remember, Sunni leaders (leaders are often the most extreme) not Sunnis.

Federalism would break up Iraq? Rubbish. That's the Ba'ath justification for "iron rule" (admisration for both Stalinism and fascism). It reduces, in the end to

1. racism


2. justification for totalitarion (theocratic or secular) rule.

Lenin's Tomb, for Goodness Sake, that's the Socialist Worker Party blog. All three posters there are well-known SWP activists. So now the most quoted and recommened blog here is an agitprop machine for the SWP.

Woah, genius!


Beast of Burden
One more thing: the Kurds have conducted themselves the best in this whole sorry post-liberation saga.


what about juan? he ain't exackly swp, i know you disrespect him oc, but care to critique his 10pts? his info is good at least.

i said on that other long running thread i feel some gap in comprehensionof the motives of this 'sunni resistance' - surely it's only to be expected that we get an representation of them as bloodthirsty loonies obviously, no?
but oc how would you react if your gaff was invaded? - surely that makes more sense than this pro-ba'ath nihilist frenzy?

kurds; yup. :)