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Ah it's majorly insignificant.

Essentially Trilliam shared it and I said "Right on, a lot of the younger guys are going for that nerd money in the wake of grime losing that mainstream hype" b/c of the Planet Mu affiliation. No offense meant because I like a lot of the MCs on it and thought it was better they get out of grime's 'scene that celebrates itself' incestual prattle and make sure they can get a career. He took it disparagingly and railed against me and Trilliam, and we basically argued to calm him off ourselves. Got upset to the point of saying "Opinions like that are what limits the scene so badly!" and like, man let's be honest, not every grime MC SHOULD be willing to be co-opted by experimental music audiences.

Also, I'm speaking as a fucking nerd who owns music from Planet Mu. I'm not above that image of myself at the end of the day.


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Aug 29

Try cut my hair shorter to disguise the grey hairs and it’s just made them more fucking prominent kmt 😡

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Dye ya hair black 😂

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Lucky your not beard gang as well! 🐵