Worship the colossal squid, puny humans!!!


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john eden said:
I love you, Rewch - may you find your reward in colossal squid heaven!
why thank you... certainly looking foward to the great cephalopod hunting grounds in the sky... (suppose that should be sea)... don't know how to get the powers that be to ?include? it


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But, the thing is, do GIANT squids really exist?

Because, all the pictures I've seen of "giant squids" (the ones that crushed galleons) have not exactly lived up to the myth.

Maybe I've been spoilt by the Kraken and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.



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She's a model, and she's looking good

Towards the bottom of this letters page the Guardian concede they were misinformed about the photo which started this whole thread.

It's from a book which talks about giant squids, but the photo is of a model.
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I've only just looked at this thread, but my first thought was "that squid is so made out of paper -machiete"

I read recently in New Scientist that giant squid are thought to be cannibalistic - they found the undigestible beaks of other squid in another squid's stomach.