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Despite living in east london and caning grime/dubstep pirates all the time, i am not knowledgable about the scene's record stores, labels, distribution networks. per se, this is wouldn't be a problem, as it's a dirty job that i'm glad to leave to others. surprisingly however i found myself producing some quite decent dubstep and grime tracks, that i think deserve being published.

how does this work in the grime scene? how does one get one's tunes out to the public? i don't have the time or inclination to do media industry "klinken putzen", i.e. to do plenty (or indeed any) self-promotion. what's the best port of call? what are the important labels? are they likely to listen to material they get sent?


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No idea how the grime scene works - but we get tunes to our "feeder" dj's...and they blow the shit up for us! - it helps if you also make/sign something big (stupid i know) but peeps sign so much rubbish out there it hurts...not sayin what we sign is big...but sales speak for themselves!

i co-run hotflush recordings...we have helped launch the careers of DJ Distance, Toasty, S&D, Scuba, Boxcutter (who just been signed to Planet Mu for an album)...we've also had quite a few of our tunes signed to major compilations around the world - feel free to pm me if you want to pass us your beats mate...
I thought the basic business structure of dubstep was thus:

make some tunes

send cd-r copies to every dubstep dj you can think of

if they like a tune, the dj will cut a dubplate and start playing it at raves/pirate stations

if enough djs pick up on the tune, and enough punters go mental for it, eventually a record label will get in contact and offer to release it.

then maybe 6 months to a year later, the tune finally gets released.