Unilever Series - Rachel Whiteread


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There has been so much press solely speculating on this work (most probably generated as a result of Whiteread's reputation combined with Olafur Eliasson's coup-de-gras last year), I thought a thread here would be good for opinion.

I was along yesterday, and it looked - quite frankly - like they had given up on protecting it. In typical Whiteread style, it is a shitload of concrete in the turbine hall. From what I could see, an almost maze like structure of white cubes that looked about 70cm cubed, with a serious clean white lighting rig above. Abrasive, as ever. The layout I could capture evoked the feeling it will be somewhat an adventure playground for children if they permit them to climb (please do!) - giving an environment like taking children to the Giant's Causeway of complete freedom to climb.

Obviously, this opens today. All the black screens and tarpaulins and everything will be down, and we can finally explore the creation. Even before opening I feel I have taken to the installation more than the sound based project that was in place for the previous few months. Photo's from Taters please, especially before I get to go next Sunday!
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oh those pictures are quite nice, look a bit like malevich architectons...does this mean she's finally come up with a second idea?


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it looks lovely, is it supposed to be some kind of pun on sugar and the source of the tate's wealth and hence beneficence


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They have mentioned the sugar cube theme, but noone has seen the pun. The story is that they are ten different forms of boxes. The piece is called "Embankment" (must have spent *AGES* working on that one). Other comments are about her having been looking at polar ice cap melting and things, but the tate pun would be a smart image.


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Saw her & her TERRIBLE Turbine Hall piece on The Culture Show last night.She's pompous and stupid…..always a winning combination in the Art World. Honestly even the pseuds on the telly were arching their eyebrows at the sugar cube icebergs,a slight idea realised in epic proportions ; yep, another Tate comission.