Yu Koyo Peya - the collapse of civilisation


Bamber Clatscoigne

"How much longer can industrial civilization last before it undermines the basis of its existence, imploding due to growth and complexity spiraling out of control? Why is this collapse scenario nearly inevitable? These are the questions Yu Koyo Peya attempts to answer. The opening sequence presents a frightening taste of how a desperate world racked by hunger and the breakdown of "orderly society" might react to the cascading effects of Peak Oil on the economy in the near future. The narrator's fate is not predetermined, however; those of us who are bright and courageous and most of all willing will be able to survive the collapse of global civiliation, perhaps even bringing about the florescence of a new age of human culture: the Afterculture. Those of us intrepid enough to follow this path will do so with one eye on our primitive past and the other on finding creative solutions to building a thriving, organic human community in a post-civilizational world."

burnt ape

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every naive presentation of disaster (war of the worlds, the day after tomorrow) offers wide open spaces. The reality, of course, will be refugee camps.