Transcendental Type Isht... What Tracks Get You Wide Open, Soul Deep?


Well-known member
G.A. [throw it up]
NAPTOWN [throw it up]
TENNESSE [throw it up]
ST LOUIS [throw it up]
TRE. VILLE [throw it up]
MISSISSIPI [throw it up]
ALABAMA [throw it up]
V.A. [throw it up]
DETROIT [throw it up]
D.C. [throw it up]
DALLAS TEXAS [throw it up]
CAROLINAS [throw it up]
HOUSTON NIGGAS [throw it up]
LOUISIANA [throw it up]
DEM BAY NIGGAS [throw it up]
LESSS GO!!!!!!!


shot by both sides
"The Thief That Stole My Sad Days" by Moodymann
"Hoping" by Louie Austen (Herbert's High Dub)
"My Funny Valentine" by Miles Davis
"Where or When" by Benny Goodman, with Peggy Lee on vocals
"Love On A Real Train" by Tangerine Dream
"The Birdie Song" by The Tweets