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Seen on a boarded up shop front in Brighton. Wonderful, as in - you just have to wonder what the bleeding heck is going on with this.


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Austin and New York



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two things done by...uh...me and a friend, actually. we're no good at all, we just started stenciling , but we have a lot of fun and we try to be polite about it. This was for a project we did on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day here- we started under a bridge by moved around and got some pieces up on the road behind a wal-mart, and by a local junior high.

of course, i don't have a picture of the big grinning orc face and the freehanded 'fuck elfs' but that also really brought a smile to my face.


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I have a bunch more to put up when i get the chance. I walked around the city (chicago) quite a bit over spring break.


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no problem

I was in two minds about whether or not to ruin the mystique for you :)


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<img src="http://www.picdump.org/albums/graffiti/2005_05_22.jpg">

I found this while walking in the woods for a photo project. For some reason it immediately conjures up Bruza's Freestyle track on Aim High Vol.2.


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One more Dave The Chimp picture. Scraping the barrell now.

I actually established contact with this bloke, and was really disappointed to find he was of that insular kind of arrogant Hip-Hop mindset I think. You know that self-sufficent circuit of Graffiti/Skateboarding/OldSkoolism. That was really disappointing in itself, i thought the blokewould be as charming and open, bright and warm as his splendid art.

Got into this bizarre (franky unpleasant) email exchange in which I felt I had to prove my "credentials" to him. But equally had me down, I think, as a media whore. We also got into a weird debate about Banksy (I dunno am I supposed to be interested or even care about this twit?!?) OK meeting people off the net isnt everyone's cup of tea, and i'm sure as far as hes concerned who the fuck am i? Indeed who the fuck am I?

I was keen to hook up with him, I was wondering whether he'd do some character designs, and he basically told me fuck off. Pointed me to some uncharacteristically poor work he'd done at the (you guessed it) http://www.scratchperverts.com/ site. We left it that i might drop by and see him when he's working here http://www.outsideinstitute.com/ (which someone Gerard knows runs) but I just told him to forget about it.

Really depressing as a matter of fact. And probably not an experience for sharing online but WTF.

Interesting images, Sufi.

The uneasiness and ambiguity I've always had with most [not all, but most] Graffiti is its, perhaps unwitting, political regressiveness: most Graffiti tends to be confined to public spaces, with the frequent result that such spaces become further ghettoised, no-go areas, eventually becoming cheap pickings for property speculators to move in - with full local authority support - and privatise those same spaces [a socio-economic process that has been occurring almost everywhere for decades].

Like this, by Banksy:

"A mural of two Hollywood actors toting bananas instead of guns was widely considered to be one of London’s finest examples of graffiti art by the artist Banksy.

But not everyone, it appears, recognised the artistic merits of the portrait of John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson - a reworking of their roles in Pulp Fiction - near Old Street Tube station in east London.

The mural has been painted over by cleaners believed to be working for Transport for London. A TfL statement said a “tough line” had to be taken on graffiti because it created an “atmosphere of neglect and social decay which encourages crime”. The statement continued: “We have no intention of changing this policy as it makes the transport system safer and more pleasant for passengers. We recognise that there are those who view Banksy’s work as legitimate art, but sadly our graffiti removal teams are staffed by professional cleaners, not professional art critics." More ...

Which is why the best Graffiti is invariably that which instead colonises private spaces ...:cool:

[THIS is hilarious: "Environmental Health Officers have however recently been given powers under the Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003 to serve Defacement Removal Notices. These Notices give the owners or occupiers of private property 28 days to remove graffiti. If the Notice is not complied with, the person commits a criminal offence, and it allows the Council to remove the graffiti in default, and reclaim the costs in doing so."]

Graffiti Walls in Baghdad - young Iraqis write graffiti on an American barricade. [youtube video]

"Store owners in Chicago are outraged over a new, more destructive type of graffiti in which vandals use acid to burn images into their buildings and windows.Police said “acid tagging” has appeared on a number of stores.The acid is so strong that it etches the glass, the report said.Unlike regular paint, which can be power-washed or painted over, there’s really no way to get rid of this acid except to replace the glass.”And you can see if you look at it and feel it too, it’s like really burnt into the glass,” store owner Phil Angotti said. “You can actually feel with your finger. It’s actually etched in deeply into the glass.”Steve Lipshutz has already replaced all the windows on his hardware store once this year and the vandals came back.Lipshutz says police couldn’t do anything about it because nobody saw the vandals in the act.3M plans to offer a new Scotchguard film to protect windows from acid tagging.Lipshutz is considering the treatment because replacing the glass at his store costs almost $1,000."