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It seems like blogging is really and truly undergoing a bit of a renaissance.

There's the promise of a little action at heronbore, blissblogger has been burning it up recently and soldiers k-punk and silverdollar have been on as excellent form as usual. New blogs? I couldn't really tell you...

In favour of blogging, if you are a self-styled "pundit" then doing one must guarantee you more media visibilty. The cynics out there are going to complain about the superficiality (and ickiness) of this, but its true. Blogging really does have an important role to play in the media ecology (and didn't Rupert Murdoch say as much?) I reckon its indisputable that it can add to your status within that cosmology......if thats what floats your boat.

On the other hand, like i'm sure many people, i'm baffled as to why k-punk doesnt have some kind of regular media gig, a column somewhere. When you look at those glib snapshots of columnists that fill the newspapers and their truly tawdry observations, well you gotta wonder.


On the subject of blogs what did people make of Momus's Superstar Blogger thing?,1284,69429,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_4

Momus points to his livejournal stats. Maybe its probably more illuminating to compare the Technorati figures:

16,627 Inbound links


Click Opera
157 Inbound links

Unkind to point out, and it doesnt detract from the excellent content at Click Opera, but yunnuh there it is.....

simon silverdollar

ironically, my blog just died in my arms tonight...


:( sorry to hear that simon. SDC was a crucial node in my grime world and your writing was great. keep us posted on your next moves.
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simon silverdollar

thanks. the pirate tapes mp3 site will be done soon [honestly!]


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simon silverdollar said:
ironically, my blog just died in my arms tonight...

say it ain't so

it seemed like you'd got a new burst of energy with recent posts

ah well, the piratetransmissions mp3 blogg sounds like a very worthwhile activity


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the end of SilverDollar is devastating to me

dunno why exactly...i guess just because it had become an institution of sorts in my life...great, energetic writing that made me feel like i was getting the scoop on a scene i have no chance of checking out for myself

thanks so much for doing it, Simon...SilverDollar will be missed muchly :(

Ness Rowlah

Norwegian Wood
didn't Rupert Murdoch say as much?
and put his money where his mouth is. He owns now
where the youth and loads of bands (ugh even Coldplay I think?) seem
to hang out these days.

Good to see that the Bot has been awoken.


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Obv delighted to see Woebot return....

but the perception that there has been a downturn in blogs generally is a VERY local phenomenon..... globally they have carried on going from strength to strength...


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aw! i'd moved sdc up in my links cos of the recent activity...ah well

(anyway hold tight brutalist architecture cru, i may even write more than one post this month)


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i've been reading interrrupted transmission. i wrote it. its well good. i'm really proud of myself. i forgot it was good. much better than heronbone. its the best thing ever i would say. very deep and profound. mmm

i wonder if penman will stick around.

i like craners blogs.