leo strauss conference at new school, november 17th and 18th


Beast of Burden
if this is open to the general public (or if a grad school friend can sneak me in), i'll likely check this one out . . . .

New Perspectives on Leo Strauss
from America and Europe

New School for Social Research, New York, NY
November 17-18, 2005

The legacy of Leo Strauss as a political philosopher is marked today by two developments. On the one hand, the publication of his collected works in German has spawned a series of new studies on Strauss that provide fresh insights into his work as one of the most original political thinkers of the twentieth century. On the other hand, the relation of intellectuals in the Straussian tradition with contemporary American politics has generated a renewed interest in the ideological legacy of 'Straussianism'.

The purpose of this conference is to provide a space for the critical appraisal of Strauss's twofold legacy as a political philosopher and as an influential voice in contemporary American politics. To discuss these issues, the conference will bring together a distinguished group of scholars. It will also provide a forum where graduate students can present and discuss their research on Strauss's work and his relationship with other thinkers.

The conference will broach four main themes: Leo Strauss and his Philosophical Contemporaries (especially Hannah Arendt); Leo Strauss and the American Regime; New Perspectives on Leo Strauss (especially from Europe); as well as Leo Strauss and the New School.

Thursday, November 17
(Wolff Conference Room: 65 Fifth Avenue, 2nd floor)

9:30-11:15: On the Relation Between Philosophy and Political Philosophy
· Joseph Gonda (York): Klein and Strauss: The Metaphysical Connection
· Svetozar Minkov (Kenyon): Strauss on the Socratic Turn: the Relation Between Political Philosophy and Cosmology
· Ted Vaggalis (Drury): The Problem of Socrates and the First Question of Philosophy
Discussant: Michael Davis (Sarah Lawrence)

11:30-1:15: Strauss and Arendt
· Rachael Sotos (New School): Arendt and Strauss: Final Greek Thoughts on Politics and Philosophy
· Rodrigo Chacon (New School): Politics and Metaphysics in Arendt and Strauss
Discussant: Catherine Zuckert (Notre Dame)

2:30-4:15: Strauss's Dialogue with His Philosophic Contemporaries
· Richard Buckwalter (LSE): Strauss and Riezler
· Angel Jaramillo (New School): Leo Strauss: a life in the light of Martin Heidegger
· Alexander Duff (Notre Dame): Moderate Parricide? Being an Interpretation of Stanley Rosen's Critique of Leo Strauss
Discussant: TBA

4:30-6:15: Strauss and the American Regime
· David M. Wagner (Regent): Leo Strauss, the Founders, and Separation of Powers
· Bernard Dobski (Assumption): From Athens to America: Leo Strauss, Thucydides and Democracies at War
Discussant: TBA

6:30-8:15: Strauss and Contemporary European Thinkers
· Kang Chen (Houston): Leo Strauss and Michael Oakeshott on Hobbes and Traditions in Political Philosophy
· Jorge Romero (New School): Philosophy's Glance on the Crisis of Modernity. Lefort and Strauss on the Challenge of Liberal Democracy
Discussant: Bernard Flynn (Empire State) Friday, November 18
(Lang Center: 55 West 13th street, 2nd floor)

9:30-9:45: Opening Remarks
· James Miller

9:45-11:30: New Perspectives on Leo Strauss
· William Kristol (The Weekly Standard): Reading Leo Strauss
· Corine Pelluchon (Paris I-Sorbonne): Strauss and Christianity
· Peter Berkowitz (George Mason): Strauss and his Critics
Discussant: Mark Lilla (U. of Chicago)

11:45-1:30: Leo Strauss and His Contemporaries
· Stanley Rosen (Boston U.): Leo Strauss: Chicago Days
· Hilail Gildin (Queens College): Leo Strauss on the Understanding of the Politically Better and Worse
· Richard Velkley (Catholic U. of America): Leo Strauss and History: Is Modernity an Unnatural Construct?
Discussant: Jay Bernstein (New School)

2:30-4:15: Leo Strauss and the American Regime
· Steven Smith (Yale): Strauss's America
· Michael Zuckert (Notre Dame): Strauss and Modern America
· William Galston (Maryland): Leo Strauss and Liberal Democracy
Discussant: James Miller (New School)

4:30-6:15: Leo Strauss and the New School
· Nathan Tarcov (U. of Chicago): The Political Bearing of Political Philosophy and the Re-Education of Germany: Two Lectures by Leo Strauss at the New School
· Werner Dannhauser (Michigan State): Leo Strauss: The New School Days
Discussant: Harry V. Jaffa (Claremont)

6:30-6:45: Closing Remarks
· Jenny Strauss Clay


Peter Berkowitz

Jay Bernstein

Jenny Strauss Clay

Werner Dannhauser

Michael Davis

Bernard Flynn

William Galston

Hilail Gildin

Harry V. Jaffa

William Kristol

Mark Lilla

James Miller

Corine Pelluchon

Stanley Rosen

Steven Smith

Nathan Tarcov

Richard Velkley

Catherine Zuckert

Michael Zuckert


Sponsored by:
Departments of Political Science, Philosophy, and Liberal Studies
New School for Social Research
65 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003
(800) 523 5411 or (212) 229-5710


Brown Sugar
you must be joking. leo strauss? william kristol? wouldn't walk across the street to see this


Beast of Burden
i'm dead serious

leo strauss is a very interesting thinker -- have you ever read anything by him?

william kristol is somebody who is influenced by strauss

and so too is conference-participant william galston -- less famous than kristol, but a highly placed democratic party operative, albeit on the democratic leadership council end of things (think clinton/lieberman)

different thinkers have different effects on different people

which is why the conference is well conceived, b/c in addition to the usual big straussian names (jaffa, tarcov), there's a lot of european scholars in attendance, who may offer perspectives on strauss that are at odds with his current repuation

moreover, there'll be several papers presented by new school grad students during the first day of the conference -- and if you know anything about the new school, you should know that it is hardly a bastion of political conservatism, quite the contrary

just as carl schmitt can be read profitably by people of all political persuasions, so too can leo strauss

but take a look at the topics to be discussed -- most of this stuff is pretty damn interesting, at least to me

also, i don't know if you follow academic political philosophy at all, but there's some high-wire people participating in the conference

stanley rosen -- a very prominent figure in american "continental" philosophy circles and a former student of strauss

steven smith -- a leading authority on hegel and spinoza

and it is free and open to the public