Kate Bush


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She was this English neo-New-Age post-folk and maybe a bit of glam or prog - eccentric pop-singer that had a few massive hits in the late 70s through to about the mid-80s. Basically the NUMBER ONE INFLUENCE ON THE NERD MUSICAL PHENOMENA KNOWN AS TORI AMOS. But could also be seen as some sorta influence on all those mid-90s 'angry woman' performers like Alanis Morrisette, Fiona Apple etc..

I was never a huge fan, but she had such massive hits here you couldn't hide from her songs really (much like any other mega mainstream choons). I remember 'babushka', 'running up that hill', and she had some terrible ballad called 'dont give up' with Sting or Peter Gabriel or someone..

You could waste your time and psychic space with better female artists, I mean if you're curious about Kate Bush, you could just as easily dip into Bonnie Tyler!


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'Don't Give Up' was Peter Gabriel. It has quite a phenomenal outro, particularly given how hard it is to listen up until that point. I was a hardcore Peter Gabriel nerd at school. The guy I was seeing at the time was the Kate Bush nut. Oh dear. Embarrassing.

Tim F

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I've said this about a dozen times before elsewhere, but I reckon the Kate Bush/Tori Amos connection is really misleading. They're much less alike than people assume, and the ways in which they can be alike (e.g. shared use of the piano, occasionally odd lyrics) are so broad that the connection becomes meaningless - e.g. only a minority of Kate's music is focused around piano whereas with Tori the piano is almost always as central as her vocals, and anyway their styles of playing are very different; lyrically/thematically Tori has always been Stevie Nicks meets Joni Mitchell meets Laura Nyro with a dash of Sinead O'Connor, with very little in common with Kate.

It's something about female performers, I think, that people conflate them so quickly when male equivalents would be considered to belong to entirely different traditions, lineages and even genres from one another.