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Martin Dust said:
Hello, I'm Martin Dust and I do this:

Hi Martin,

Nice to see you here. We had a "hello thread" of sorts but it was a right shambles. This one is far superior ;)

Oh and congrats about the new Black Dog stuff. Itching to hear what Ken has been up to. And no I've not got fleas.

Martin Dust

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There's samples on the Dust Science site, the album is due to be complete in March, things are indeed going well.

Martin Dust

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Aye, check Paul and John's mixes, dead proper like. Get yourself a Black Dog Breakfast (Tea and a Joint) - Bang up the bass....



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Token westeren Canadian. Long time lurker, first time caller.

I do this.

The Konspiracy Group

You can find all sorts of mixes from myself and other in there..go check addition to the ranks forthcoming..

and I host this

Art Of Beatz

er, yes, hello blogger and non-bloggers and other nice folk.


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Hello I do embarassing workaday shit for a living that I'm not going to tell anyone about.
My favourite karaoke tune is "It's a small world after all".


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in the evening i work as a carpark attendent at a dogtrack and during the day i sit round waiting to die, drinking tea and smoking. i think this is a good lifestyle choice.
Hello, I'm Nick in Bristol. I'm technically 'self-employed', but it's pretty low-maintenance so I spend most of my day hanging-around the house pretending to be a full-time Dad, then at night I turn into an MP3 blogger:
Just to name-drop, after nearly 18 months of blogging, I finally got an e-mail from someone last night wondering if they could send me an advance promo CD-r for review. Who? Mike 'Planet Mu(Ziq)' Paradinas! The long-term plan to get loads of freebies like those 'proper' journos is finally paying-off!


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hello, i'm owen, i live in south east london and i edit a pitifully luddite photocopied zine (no links, too lazy to set up a website but anyone who emails me will get a copy its quite good, honest). we've interviewed barbara morgenstern, gayatri spivak and the junior boys but have a circulation of about 15 (but when i get the money together for a scanner...)
i do a part time MA at goldsmiths but also work tedious work full time in an office in an industrial estate in i cheated middlesex uni out of a fiver at noisetheorynoise the other week :)

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i'm matthew and i've spent most of this week pondering whether or not the sandwich shop re-opening over the road from our house will have a good vegetarian selection.

i must find time to add to this
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I'm Brandon, and I hope to post here frequently, since it seems like a cool place. I'm currently looking for "real" work and a real place to live after college. But first I'm just earning some money at a record store in San Jose, CA (home).

In my spare time, like many, I record electronic stuff to one day make me rich.

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Hello, I'm HMGovt

I am currently reading page 172 of Terence McKenna's "Food of the Gods". It deals with the intersection of centuries-bored, chronically straitened Mediaeval Europe with the spices & vivid colours of the Middle, and later Far, East. He describes how their stony-grey malnourished little minds were blown clean open by all of it. Then of course, they went out into the world and blew everybody elses, but literally this time. As history relates. I say 'they'. Of course, he means 'us'.

Pretty fucking good so far. Got to get back to it now. Cheers.
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babylon sister

hello, music geek from the states

if America has an armpit, its Wisconsin

and thats where I live