The Big Hello Thread



I'm Dan.
I'm 19.
I listen dancehall and lil bit of hip hop and UKG w/ a side order of everything else.
I watch a fair amount of japanese anime.
I play role playing video games and whatever takes my interest to distract me from coursework (if music ain't workin')
I'm from South East (England, not London).
I'm studying C++ and application design at City College Norwich.
I work part time at a stupid regional electrical retailer as warehouse monkey.
I can't drive.
Did I say I liked dancehall?

Good day.

noel emits

a wonderful wooden reason
oh no! there's noel emits!

Hello! I'm Noel Emits (actually that's not my real name, it's a reference to John Lilly and 2 Unlimited).

At the moment I grub a living buying and selling records (keeping the best ones for myself of course). It's nice to be able to turn obsession and a lot of 'trivial' knowledge into even modest amounts of kash.

I also play music in a group and by myself, thank fuck - I think this makes my time here worthwhile.

I drink too much coffee and smoke too much weed.

I'm old enough to remember accessing the black dog bbs on a 300 baud acoustic coupler (i was there!). and that's all part of the route here, innit? Then it was freaky trigger, ilm (mostly lurking), blissblog (thanks simon), twanboc/woebot (thanks matt)................................

I have a terrible weakness for Acid Mothers Temple CDs and plan on posting a primer here at some point.

Big up all pioneers and poets.


night tripper
my name is gido, and i dont do much interesting at the moment. one thing im proud of is the low budget saturday night im throwing for mostly north african kids who are refused in every other club here in amsterdam. they love rnb, hiphop, dancehall, some other stuff, and most of all bubblin.. dj chuckie, naffie, etc, did anyone hear the bubblin versions of gabber/hardcore tracks? theres: poing and amsterdam and stereo murder and i lke it loud, and more.

polystyle desu

Memories of green
Hi - I'm Stuart

Glad to be here
just watched sunset . mujo blue sky
I do a few different things , bk to making records these last years , producing recently
do a bit of coordinating now and again .
Trying to keep balance of things , keep all projects moving , the game is on
The man who's married to Mary Jane
DenseMedia Domain blog

and yeah, big up to Dissensus creators
and all barbarians, those from Mu , Hyborneans , Mithraics, Queen Khom Khoom


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hello everyone!

what can i say? found woebot just over a year ago, comin via tha blissblog, and fell in love!

from there its the usual sad tale of abusing those links, discovering k-punk, heronbone, losing those hours reading some of the best writing on music i've ever read..............ain't got enuff time to keep up with em all, but goddammit it I try!

i'm an ex MVE slag, trying to finish a course on Music Technology in Bath, travelling home to London FAR too often to check the stupid fresh grime/dubstep scene.....spreadin the virus down here too, with a wee night featurin Black Ops DJ Blazey, and Nopalumbo's Necta Selecta......back next year with upcoming producer Pinch (subtext) and Paul rose (hotflush).....

got to big up and for reppin the sound....

PS has everyone checked Chantelle Fiddys fascinating world of grime blog.....that woman is a ball of energy!

one love to all dissensus crew!
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Snakes + Ladders
--another hello to whoever's out there--

hello, i'm ***, 24, from the cold north...
i enjoy listening to +making electronic music bollocks...
and i try writing about it too...
(we miss a decent scene here,it's not exactly like norway is a hotbed for new and exiting music! doh!) :(
i'm a freelance photographer,but currently studying heavy theory shit for a BA degree...
that's all really.
(oh,and i've got a blog thingy,haven't quite figured out how to post up images/mp3's yet,but it will happen....! it's at )

thanks for your patience,and hope i won't annoy you too much with my stupidity/ignorance...
(i have huge respect for your knowledge and collective blogging efforts, woebot et al! )
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By day I'm a white-coated scientist, toiling over bubbling test-tubes, strange formulas and a serum which will one day make me rich and/or turn me into some kind of superhero.

By night I trawl blogs on the internet, soaking up music and inspiration like a sponge, which I fully intent to wring out into my own blog one of these days.

I'm also plotting the return of a night I used to run with my mates, where bedroom DJs and record collecting anoraks alike were offered 15minute DJ sets throughout the night.


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Hello! John from the frozen wastes of Manitoba, Canada, toiling away in the offices of a cross-country music chain. Jazz, Hip-Hop, Metal and unique music of all stripes make life well worth living. Been enjoying the conversations and musical suggestions here for a while in full-on stalker mode and decided to add an enthusiastic voice wherever I can.

It's a lot of fun to see so many interesting voices converging in one place, helping me to track down even more wonderful music to spend my hard-earned money on.


Konnichiwa to all and sundry,

I'm Melmoth. I teach literature and write poetry and listen to music and when I'm not doing that I walk around South London like a faintly puzzled ghost.

My favourite poem today is The Shirt by Robert Pinsky, here:

And thanks to Matt for setting up the great Dissensus :cool:
Hi, I'm a temp, I keep getting offered sales jobs and I'm really unenthusiastic about them so I'm stuck going from office to office but there's a tiny part of me that's getting a kick out of it. I live in Central London. I haven't really worked out what this board is about yet but I liked the top thread in the Politics section so I thought I might as well register.


Me = old old skool ilxor and pre-ironic noize dude, re-locating here after the cultural schism. no blog cos I'm too old and fat. i sell jazz records for a living (that isn't a euphemism) and generally like art/music by drugged up fuckos


BabelTek Generation
I am young, teenage, broken, complicated, eloquent, lucid, loving, loved, seeking, listening, uncomfortable, discontent, fearful, awe-ful, insignificant, omniscient, destructive, reconstructive, rhythmatic, bizarre, thoughtful, talented, pretty, ugly, ill, ill-fated, limitless, powerless, controlling, submissive, passionate, idle, depressed, synthetic, repetitive, panicked, pacified, addicted, overcome, fleeting, permanent, figmented, fragmented, this too shall pass in my reformed soul of united states that fleet the moment they are concieved. blhablahblah i can talk a lot of nothing.


I suppose I should do this, too.

Sometime (longtime?) ILXor, failed blogger, wannabe filmmaker, wannabe wannabe.

I feel bad writing such a trivial post during these sad times, but...well...


Living Too Late
Add one more to the role call...

Brokeman from Vancouver, Canada. Happy to have finally found a spot where I can comment on posts by all the folks who's blogs I've followed over the years. Also a little bit intimidated by the prospect of having to say something... hmm.

I'm a musician of sorts, a DJ and a grad student.

Happy as hell to see all the usual suspects!