Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:

Finished epic Lynch rewatch stint from early March when corona was already fucking up work.

From tonight The Anderson Tapes & then as much Robert Altman as possible.


For once a film that I can pretty much unreservedly recommend. Spanish thing called Platform. Interesting idea in which loads of people live in a vertical prison, each cell containing two prisoners with some above and some below. Once a day a platform containing a load of food is lowered from the top to the bottom, stopping for two minutes on each floor allowing the people there to eat, and then carrying on to the bottom... great if you're near the top, but if you're near the bottom then all the food is gone by the time the platform reaches you so you have to either starve or eat your cell-mate. Every thirty days they shake up the order and you get put on a new floor. And that's it in a way - and I said pretty much recommend cos, yeah, the allegory is kinda heavy handed, the society of people above (sometimes literally) pissing and shitting on those below - but somehow it stays tense and interesting pretty much to the end. Partly I guess cos of the way it makes you realise how high the stakes are from the start, injecting a feeling of genuine tension to every bloody moment. And yeah it is bloody, it's incredibly violent, gory, nasty whatever... so not for the faint-hearted I supposed, but I pretty much recommend it to you lot.



Also, The Black Tower... I think this was first recommended to me on dissensus many years back - now with a neat synchronicity it's on YouTube so I can order everyone to watch it. Well, everyone who can spare twenty minutes to watch a genuinely creepy, surreal and yet funny art film set in 80s east London. When I get paid I will buy the boxset thing from his website... seems only fair.

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Off the top of my head, I'll go with...

a. The Bourne Identity

b. The Greatest Store In The World

c. Chicken Run

d. X-Men

e. The Incredibles

f. Love Actually

g. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkeban

I'm running out of steaming service now so I'll stop there