The New World


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whether it's good or not is an open question but not obfuscated.... eg....

grieving for snuffed candle massed choir the specific
smudged in grand design. dainty feet
silkworms fog caught in the troughs of striated green
rain is wind is the whole turning motion of it
the fractious weave / pulverised stone
glitter in the runnels heaved into the surf
nacre prize furious return how hope here heavy
with hurting will hobbled by it haven't the heart
to carry on / TEAK REMITTANCE / castigate the hearer
razor the cheek / notary of inwit impudent design
coast condition gannet squabbling gannet cliff
black against forbidding black against the storm
ink driven into snow
ink driven into the fabric as scar
ink into the foundations ink into the building blocks
we are fictional
swallowed air
appropriated earth-
resources to build a craft/body-vessel/built
and steered/in poison earth

it can't
conditions here inimical to life. everything decays

the skin unstitched the heart-pump falters fails

the breath-tubes clogged this grit of

dirt of mud of mingled substance

all equipment contaminated on death-planet all

emotion made noxious and noisome on hate-planet

mind poisoned image flickers distortion of the image

garbled information ticket all fuzzy in-ordered

ordered wrong
murder in the chapel blood on the coping stones in

the blank eyes of saints in the


murder everywhere violate integrity of the other

cancel this change the channel or

switch the whole show off. horror cripples the

rhythm of the heart.

the skin desensitised no more love in horror-world

compassion no more in red hell

the harlot's curse.

precarious gantry. pastel forfeiture. seal lining.
abrasive madrigal and the bell tolling and the sky red
and portentous. speech defect / the glyphic spasm.

reflexive twitch of the eyebrow, instantly regretted
telegram stuck in transmission / quivering
in that recalcitrant envelope of air
jammed signal
are you receiving?
jammed signal
on the verge of revelation
on the lip of the Real
not quite able to
spit it out.
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I will say, when I hung out with luka in London, he wrote spontaneous poems for tourists etc walking by the Thames

all the ones I saw were good too. it was damned impressive. I feel like you new people should know that about him.


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I like Luka's poetry, but I think it's a valid question how much formalism in general, and autogeneration/found material especially, acts as protective mechanisms against charges of naivete/oversincerity, which has become the most damaging possible charge against artworks in the 20th c (related to anti-beauty sentiment)


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see this bit and how it may be tied to the switch to art as expression in the 19th/20th C
> Suppose an eight-year-old writes a story about being chased down a mouse-hole by a monstrous spider. It’ll be perceived as “childish” and no one will worry. If he writes the same story when he’s fourteen it may be taken as a sign of mental abnormality. Creating a story, or painting a picture, or making up a poem lay an adolescent wide open to criticism. He therefore has to fake everything so that he appears “sensitive” or “witty” or “tough” or “intelligent” according to the image he’s trying to establish in the eyes of other people. If he believed he was a transmitter, rather than a creator, then we’d be able to see what his talents really were.
> We have an idea that art is self-expression—which historically is weird. An artist used to be seen as a medium through which something else operated. He was a servant of the God. Maybe a mask-maker would have fasted and prayed for a week before he had a vision of the Mask he was to carve, because no one wanted to see his Mask, they wanted to see the God’s. When Eskimos believed that each piece of bone only had one shape inside it, then the artist didn’t have to “think up” an idea. He had to wait until he knew what was in there—and this is crucial. When he’d finished carving his friends couldn’t say ‘I’m a bit worried about that Nanook at the third igloo’, but only, ‘He made a mess getting that out!’ or ‘There are some very odd bits of bone about these days.’ These days of course the Eskimos get booklets giving illustrations of what will sell, but before we infected them, they were in contact with a source of inspiration that we are not. It’s no wonder that our artists are aberrant characters. It’s not surprising that great African sculptors end up carving coffee tables, or that the talent of our children dies the moment we expect them to become adult. Once we believe that art is self-expression, then the individual can be criticised not only for his skill or lack of skill, but simply for being what he is.

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gotta say, Paul Bettany always bring an inspired willingness to trash

that pasty Britishness that looks like it should be eating cucumber sandwiches on the playing fields of Eton or whatever

instead plunging swords into monsters and uttering stiff upper lipped one liners. you have to respect it.


My biggest issue with Malick is his pacing and insistence on so many lines being whispered. There's actually a warning at the start of The Tree of Life to make sure the volume's right up in order to hear the dialogue.
My hearing is terrible... I really struggle when the music is louder than the dialogue


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1. car in a tunnel
2. silly husky voice. bad script
3. ceiling fan churns the air
4. man with paste face alone in built environment, alienated?
5. suddenly turns into 90s dance video/ CK1 perfume ad
6. rich people in black suits. a deal with the devil
7. no one cares about reality anymore. cool!
8. niteclub scene with the usual pink and purple lights
9. lingere models
10. French man to represent European decadence. sometimes you want ze raspberry sometimes you want tutti frutti. its like ze ladies, no?
11. walking alone on beach, thinking about life
12. Las Vegas
13. convertible car, hair blowing in the wind. i feel so alive.
14. a candle's delicate flame cupped
15. fireworks
16. a literal light at the end of a literal tunnel
17. life is a journey
18. @version


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I like Luka's poetry, but I think it's a valid question how much formalism in general, and autogeneration/found material especially, acts as protective mechanisms against charges of naivete/oversincerity, which has become the most damaging possible charge against artworks in the 20th c (related to anti-beauty sentiment)
you cant just pretend to be unsophisticated and write like a 7 year old. its not an option.

padraig (u.s.)

a monkey that will go ape
you said the strong reaction - the hatred - means it has some power
I did say that. it's not just an arguing tactic, it's a fundamental belief I have about art.

that it's much more important for it, and a much greater measure of its success, to provoke a reaction than to be "good"

"good" in aesthetic terms is always subjective, and besides personal enjoyment, irrelevant

the hardest thing for art to do is provoke a strong, meaningful reaction of any kind

if people really hate something, that is an achievement. it broke through the endless hum of content and lodged in your brain.

a standard you would have to concede The New World meets