mac questions!!


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does anyone know;

1) how to convert wma to mp3 on mac??
2) how to record radio (or any other audio) on mac??

i hope someone does!



i think this should do it for #1.

Audacity is free audio recorder/editor for mac. if you want record radio through the audio input on your computer than that would do it. (if you have an ibook or a mini without an audio in then you're looking at getting a usb or firewire analogue/digital interface)

if you want to copy a web radio stream then you'd need a utility like audio hijack or wiretap.



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isnt transcoding between lossy formats a really bad idea?

i'm not advocating using wma (or indeed mp3) but once something is encoded you're better off installing the codec and using it as it is. unless you can re-rip from the uncompressed cds.
do a search for mplayer, which is a media player for linux/unix/anything, you dont need to use it but they have a zip of as any codecs as they could find, install that and itunes will be able to cope with wma.