Technorati is fucked!


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Since the beginning of this week I've noticed most of my Technorati referrals are Spam websites.

It seems like those rats who spam the net have suddenly figured out a way of lacing spam-bearing websites with links to the sites of unsuspecting bloggers.

This must be the end of Technorati's usefulness! And I can't figure out how they could possibly cope with this.

john eden

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Mine seem ok, so you are probably a victim of your own success or something.

Mind you I can't access it half the time "due to high demand". I guess this will be less of a problem if all their data is spam though.

Ness Rowlah

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john eden said:
Mind you I can't access it half the time "due to high demand".

Which actually makes it useless and annoying. Let Google or someone
else move in - Technorati should be killed if they don't improve.


I don't get it....apart from distorting the accuracy of your counter... what possible benefit could there be from the spammers' end if they're just linking to your site? The hits they get from bloggers checking who's linked to them? I don't check it much myself but I haven't had that problem either... although I'm not exactly the jay-z of the blog world with my 20-30 hits a day (most of which are for about 0 seconds) he he :confused: