Adobe/powerpoint/A1-A4/pdf files...



I've made an A1 sized poster in powerpoint, but only have an A4 printer, so i need to print the A1 poster as 8 tiled A4 sheets. i think powerpoint won't tile across A4 sheets if i print, so do i need to convert it the powerpoint thing to a pdf first?

how do i convert to a pdf?


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dunno how to convert to pdf from powerpoint, but if you took the file on disk to a good print shop they would be able to sort it out... in old versions of quark you used to have to output a file to a printer that converted it to pdf format (can't remember exact details as in newer versions it's built in)... i.e. the printing of the file converted it to pdf... again have no idea if you can do that with powerpoint... you never know... good luck


ok... I don't know what you got on yr pooter and I never use powerpoint cos its horrible but you need to check if you can print to pdf. set it up how you would like it to print on paper and hit print. then go through all your print dialogue boxes looking for a check box that says print to adobe pdf or print to file. It may even be that you need to choose it as a printer from the printer drop down menu (ie instead of canon_bj3000 you choose adobe pdf). If you can't find anything like that maybe you need to download adobe acrobat distiller or acrobat pro cos they give you the option to print to pdf from any program. Even after you do that I don't know if you'll be able to scale it up at a print shop without it getting a bit pixelated and shitty lookin. otherwise take it back to the old school. Print it on a4 and cut it into pieces & enlarge em on a nice colour copier.good luck. For future reference Corel Draw aka Corel graphics suite is really good for this type of thing. I once used it to print an image tiled over 50 a3's.


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get openoffice which is the homemade version of windows office
you can open powerpoint slides using that then export them to pdf using the option in the file menu: "export as pdf"

get it here:

runs on mac, linux, solaris, xbox and windows. and its free.


Export as jpeg to photoshop, cut it into A4 sized bits there and then print each file.

Thats by far the easiest way. Printing to file is the only way to export to PDF from PP, and that still wont do you any good.