The Euston Manifesto, or how the left learned to stop worrying...


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Oh dear. Perhaps the Eustonite Left needs its own Galloway? Or better by far, its own Boris Johnson? :)

Hitchens has his fans as an orator and he and Aaronovitch are both top writers (regardless what you think of their ideas) - weirdly neither have signed up to Euston, even though it encompasses much of what they've been saying for 5 years.

Geras speaks like a cantankerous old university lecturer addressing a particularly dim student and writes much the same way, like someone with a bad smell under his nose.

Alas there's only one Boris - and thank fuck there's just the one McHawHaw.

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Nick Cohen and his hand-wringing post leftist bullshit... I've been reading this imbecile's views for the last four years or so in the new statesman, where they see fit to give him space to write an identical article every two months or so about how the SWP and Galloway are in bed with horrible people and there's no solidarity on the left with the people of Iraq (vs Saddam) and its all motivated by anti-Americanism above all else...

Haha, you know, it's kind of funny...I can't rememer ever reading anything by Cohen until the other day when I picked up a copy of the Evening Standard on the tube (whose once-ludicrous claim to be "London's Quality Newspaper" is looking increasingly justified in light of the sub-tabloid shiterags being given away these days) and saw Cohen's piece in it - I didnt' even know he wrote for the S'nard - and part of it was a dig at "pseudo-Leftiist Livingston" and his chumminess with "the racist, homophobic and mysogynistic Islamic far Right". Which may still have something in it, although it seems (from a brief Google/Wiki) this al-Qaradaw character may not be as monstrous as he's been painted.

Sounds like Cohen might need to get some new material, in any case.

Edit: Galloway can still fuck off, mind you.


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So old Nick Cohen has finally 'quit the left'. It has been interesting to watch how the contours and cleavages among the Decents have shifted since 2006, how the rise of social media has really put the wind up a lot of columnists and indeed, how much of the Eustonite rubbish was recycled to attack Corbyn over the past few weeks.


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Let's not underestimate the career factor here. There's not much money in posing as a leftist whilst supporting traditional imperialism. Muscular liberalism is mainstream now.

Cohen is just taking the logical next step. He's following the money.