early Christmas present for Dissensus crew


Prodigal Son
I've uploaded a couple things to my server for the joy of the Dissensus crew.

Logan Sama - September 2004 Bonus Mix - 112 megs, 192 kbps, 1 hr 19 mins

(Logan, if this isn't cool, I'll take it down)

Awesome selection of exclusives, forthcoming stuff, acapellas, and all kinds of stuff. Amazing. Tracklisting.

Then, looking through some of my old MP3's I found these two sets. Not sure when they are from exactly, but they're both old and pretty awesome. Enjoy.

Pay As U Go Cartel - Live on Radio One - 24.6 megs, 56 kbps, 1 hr

An old Pay As U Go set recorded off some Radio One show. It's pretty sweet (despite the low bitrate the quality is pretty good). Amazing how much the music has changed in the space of like three-four years.

DJ Slimzee & Dizzee Rascal live @ Sidewinder - 55.8 megs, 128 kbps, 1 hr

Dizzee & Slimzee live at Sidewinder from a couple years ago, before his first album came out. Lots of big tunes, lots of familiar lyrics from Dizzee. Good.
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in the sea
ahh, I am now awash in festive good cheer.

thanks Pearsall! I raise a glass of eggnog to thee in appreciation.


babylon sister
hear, hear!

That logan set is amazing!

Some of my favorite tunes lately.

Lots of bashment too.

And Logan spits some bars!

big up the mighty Logan Sama.


in the sea
Oh yeah, and also on the christmas + grime tip (a match made in heaven, really) everyone needs to check out the christmas carol version of the Forward Riddim at Chantelle Fiddy's blog (or download it here--she doesn't have a direct link, hopefully no one minds if I post it here). I seriously busted a gut during the "you don't wanna bring armshouse" section. Good stuff.


Prodigal Son
no problem folks!

I'd appreciate it if no one posts the links elsewhere, I don't want my bandwidth hammered too much!