DJ Spooky at the Tate as part of Futurist Fridays


I used to be a huge dj spooky fan... around the time of the synaptic dissonance ep (with an almost uncredited panacea providing the industrial strength beats) and I still think riddim warfare was a pretty well put together album... I love tracks like "degree zero" with killah priest. He had some good ideas about genre blending and international flavours long before we had any dj ruptures or diplos or whatever mixing it all up... but imagine my disgust to see him do a milli-vanilli style dj set of horrible pop-shite and cliche party tracks recently... it was a whack-whack-whack set which bottomed out with a blend of black eyed peas and the prodigy or something equally retarded and un-necessary... and the whole thing was pre-edited to boring visuals with shots of him posing photo-shoot style in new york streets and stuff... just press play and do some bad scratching over the top, huh mr miller? If I hadn't gotten a free ticket I would have started a riot!

P.S. using the same 10 samples over and over again in everything you do isn't a clever and post modern use of subliminal brand identity solidification techniques... it's just f*&king LAZY!!!!! Buy a new dj tool to bite wholesale... you ain't foolin' nobody no more!!!!