para one - epiphanie


Trent End
been edging to start this... has anyone heard this? i'm not sure how the release dates are working, someone uploaded a promo for me a week or so back, but i think it was meant to come out yesterday, certainly in france. it's not reached juno or boomkat yet tho.

anyway, i played it to a friend yesterday and he said it was just noise. amazing. but for my money there's an incredible amount of variety on this album, and borders on ur... loosely industrial at times. i adore liege and f.u.d.g.e. amuses and delights. anyone else had the pleasure?

01. Piste bleue
02. Turtle Trouble
03. Midnight Swim
04. F.U.D.G.E.
05. Dudun-dun
06. Musclor feat. TTC
07. Def Tea Machine
08. Les Soleils artificiels
09. Sages-femmes
10. Liege
11. Clubhoppn
12. Nobody Cares
13. Bobble
14. Ski Lesson Blues
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Ruby Tuesday
Yeah I'm actually listening to it now by coincidence, not that into it to be honest. Some more collaborations with vocalists would have been good.


I just dont know
very interested to hear this, his production has drawn me more than any other hip-hop in what seems like an age... where might this album be acquired for pre-purchase testing?


PARA ONE is dope! I'll definately be checking for this! The title track off his "clubhopp'n" ep is one of my favourite club tracks of the last few years. His production for ttc is awesome too.


i'm sorry but i think this is definitley a case of emperors new clothes

most of it sounds like 90's eurotrance or just stuff with distorted b lines etc - it's ok to like 90s eurotrance now etc but a record of it in 2006 is waste. Too much of it is like the arctic monkeys saying they're massivley influenced by Funkadelics maggot brain, they might know how to write good track names but it doesnt stop it from sounding wack.

actually good french dance records on circus company are the dave adju , who does incredible strange , off centre themed 12"s and the wicked and brilliant fun noze album, which is just adorable madness.

it suprises me how many people are into justice and this kinda stuff, the justice album has moments but alot of it comes over like trax from an ovuca album mid 90's .when it comes down to it oizo always does this stuff the best still, that nazis single is ace.
incidentally the jackson album grows and grows too.
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