mp3 DJing


Is anyone here doing this? I'm wondering whether the sound quality of files converted from mp3 will be decent enough to play on a system in a small-ish space. Obviously if I have a file that sounds like shit in my headphones it won't sound any better over a PA. But I'm wondering if there's a general guideline regarding a minimum bit rate or some such thing.

Lately I've messing around with Ableton Live as a DJ tool. A lot of the material I'm using is ripped from vinyl or CD, but I'm also working with mp3s converted to AIFFs. It's all working just fine but, before investing too much time in something I might try play out somewhere, I thought I'd look for some advice. So far, I've found a small number of very different opinions on the matter.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated :)
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alot of people seem to be doing this, and there are of course interesting things you can do with the software and the files ie reedits and looping tracks and all that jazz as well as effects and running samples over each other.
the latest how to kill the dj mix is done by the optimo guys on abelton, sometimes the sound is a bit skronky and plastic rasping, but the possibilties are explored, the speed and organisation of the mixes etc. not too sure about that sound tho.