Does anyone have problems using


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I might be being a complete twat here, but every time I try and download something off, I end up being told to either buy some premium membership thing or wait forever for it to download-- a problem which does not occur when using Turboupload/download and the like...

If I'm not being a complete twat, why is it so popular as a web based filesharing tool?


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it's popular beacuse things stay there for longer than with yousendit. but it's true, it's shit. what you have to do is click 'free' and wait sixty seconds. now if you want to download something elese immediately (which you can't unless you have a premium account) just unplug your cable and plug it in again, you should have a new IP and rapidshare will recognise you as a different user. if you have a fixed IP like i do you have to wait forever. it's completely annoying, isn't it.


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That's probably because you're trying to download something over their limit of xMB, whatever that is. If you're downloading smaller stuff, it's only a few seconds wait. You'll need a premium account to get anything big, i think.


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Yeah there are loads of them, but Rapidshare appears the most popular, despite now being not as good as others...


Normally you have to wait 60 seconds, but after dowloading one file Rapidshare makes you wait 75(?) minutes before you can d/l another.


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gek-opel said:
Yeah there are loads of them, but Rapidshare appears the most popular, despite now being not as good as others...

they are all shite in one way or another - i don't bother following any links that point to rapidshare. better to stick with ftp if you've got it. hosting of up to 40gb (with 50gb bandwidth) is less than 4 quid a month now, so theres no excuse really.

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Bassnation, where do you go for that much space for that price? Cheers.

Rapidshare has a 30MB an hour limit. That and the 60 second wait (and the fact you have to get in quickly after the 60 seconds or else your session invalidates) make it a true fucking ordeal. Try this one out:


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Bassnation: I concur- my heart sinks when I see some fantastic file linked via Rapidshare, (like that LaMonte Young stuff Confucius pointed out recently) I don't even bother with it either...
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Yeah, but you pay a few dollars for a Rapidshare account for one month and go download crazy. It's not free, no, but seems well worth it. (And I've had no download problems since paying my money.)


Hello guys,

I'm also having trouble with Rapidshire. My problem is....everytime I download a clip from thier website, and whenever I play it.....this message comes up- "The source filter for this file could not be loaded."

Can anyone help me here?