Shwantology : 2/Blogariddims 1 Ambient/Electronic/Cassical mix



Another classical/electronic/ambient excursion from myself and Slug. If you liked the last one, ya should dig this:

Encouraged by the success of the first Shwantology set, we've decided to delve deeper into the world of ambient music for our contribution to the Blogariddims series, and the result is this follow up to February's mix. Progression is the name of the game for us, so our aim with this set was to widen our field of vision and hone our techniques to try and build on the original concept. Unlike the first time round, we had a working method, and an idea of what to aim for, so in the intervening months suitable tunes had been noted, sequences considered, and CDrs compiled - though as spontaneity seems to be an essential part of the process, we didn’t go too far in planning things in advance...


1. Nesa Popov - Berlin: Underground Passage - SoundTransit Field Recordings
2. John Baker – Structures - Rephlex (Music from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop LP)
3. Sunken Foal - Foathing - Front End Synthetics (FEStering LP)
4. Jawzah Taqsim - Unknown - World Gala Records (Music of Iraq: World Gala Collection LP)
5. Sesselberg - Eintrachtkreis-Paranoia - Sesselberg (Synthetik 1 LP)
6. John Hopkins - Oslo: Echo Chamber - SoundTransit Field Recordings
7. Heldon - Michel Ettori - Urus Records (Allez-Teia LP)
8. Phoenica - Orinca - Schematic Records (Brown Out LP)
9. Deep Space Network - Ten Waves (Live at XS) - Rising High (Chill out or die Vol.2 LP)
10. The Caretaker - Memory 28 - VVM (Theoretically Pure Retrograde Amnesia LP)
11. Alireza Mashayekhi - Ost-West II (Opus 80) - Retro Records (S/T LP)
12. Brian Eno/Robert Fripp - Wind on Water - Editions EG (Evening Star LP)
13. DJ Food - The Sky at Night - Ninjatune (Kaleidoscope LP)
14. Harold Budd/Eraldo Bernocchi - Fragment 5 - Sub Rosa (Fragments from the Inside LP)
15. Cedic Peyronnet - HongLinh: An evening in HongLinh - SoundTransit Field Recordings
16. The Warsaw Radio Studio of Experimental Music - Warsaw 4 - Phillips (Electronic Panorama (Warsaw Disc))
17. David Bowie - Subterraneans - RCA (Low LP)
18. Toru Takemitsu - Ki, Sora, Tori (Tree, Sky, Bird) - ECJC Japan (Concert: 20-21)
19. Godspeed - Static (end section) - Constellation (Raise your skinny fists LP)
20. Stol - 04:26 - Kitty Yo (LC2816 12")
21. The Caretaker - Memory 70 - VVM (Theoretically Pure Retrograde Amnesia LP)
22. Biosphere - Green Reflections - Touch Records (Shenzhou LP)
23. Byrne and Eno - Mountain of Needles - MLITBOG LP - Sire Records
24. Jara Schirris - Vientiane: Bees in Vientiane - SoundTransit Field Recordings
25. Slag Boon Van Loon - Pedals - Planet Mu (Slag Boon Van Loon LP)
26. Slag Boon Van Loon - Spc-Ch-Pn - Planet Mu (Slag Boon Van Loon LP)
27. Brian Eno - Thursday Afternoon - Editions EG (Thursday Afternoon LP)
28. Harold Budd/Eraldo Bernocchi - Fragment 3 - Sub Rosa (Fragments from the Inside LP)
29. Arcon II - Wasteland/ Inter 90/Freefall - Reinforced (Arcon 2 LP)
30. Vangelis - Tears in the rain - Atlantic (Blade Runner OST)
31. Friends, Lovers and Family - Turning the screws - Rising High (Chill out or die Vol.2 LP)
32. Arturas Burmsteinas - Vilnius: Video camera left on - SoundTransit Field Recordings
33. Faultline - Closer Colder - Leaf (Closer Colder LP)
34. Harold Budd - The Algerbra of Darkness - All saints (The White Arcades LP)
35. Jaques Thollot - Quiet Days in Prison - Futura (Quand le son devient aigu, jeter la girafe a la mer LP)
36. Vangelis - love theme - Atlantic (Blade Runner OST)
37. Coil vs Elf - Cowboys in Bangkok 1995 - T & B Vinyl (Chris and Cosey Present... Twist LP)
38. A Silver Mount Zion - Sow Some Lonesome Corner So Many Flowers Bloom (Middle Section) - Constellation (This is our punk rock LP)
39. Heldon - Perspective 3 - Cuneiform (Agneta Nilsson LP)
40. Fleishmann - The rise and fall of a drinker - Leaf (Invisible Soundtracks 4 EP)
41. Muziq - Sick Porter 2 - Rephlex (Bluff Limbo LP)
42. Cluster and Eno - Steinsame - Water Records (Cluster and Eno LP)
43. Tortise - Millions now living will never die (Oval mix) - Thrill Jockey (Millions Now Living Remix 12")
44. Thomas Koner - Serac - EFA (Teimo/Permafrost LP)
45. *** ******* - ********** * * - *** ***** ***** - *****
46. LFO - Nuture - Warp (Tied Up Remix 12")
47. Ruben Garcia/Harold Budd/Daniel Lentz - Pulse Pause Repeat - Gyroscope (Music for 3 Pianos LP)
48. The Warsaw Radio Studio of Experimental Music - Warsaw 1 - Phillips (Electronic Panorama (Warsaw Disc))
49. Derek Holzer - Belem Para: Frogs by the bridge II - SoundTransit Field Recordings
50. Pete Namlook - Escape (Trip To Mars) - Rising High (The Definitive Ambient Collection Vol.2 LP)
51. LFO - Tied Up (Spiritualised' Electric Mainline Remix)- Warp (Tied Up Remix 12")
52. Hex - Interference - N-tone (Antistatic EP)
53. A Silver Mount Zion - 13 Angels Standing Guard 'Round The Side Of Your Bed - Constellation (He Has Left Us Alone... LP)
54. Burial - Nightbus - Hyperdub (Burial LP)
55. Bioshere - Chukhung - Touch Records (Substrata 2 LP)
56. Jan Philm - Berlin: Sozialpalast elevator - SoundTransit Field Recordings
57. Aphex Twin - Side E Track 2 - Warp (Selected Ambient Works Vol.2 LP)
58. Bass Kittens - Another rainy day - Mephisto (Another rainy day EP)
59. Peter Kolman - E15 - CECM Records (Anthology Of Slovak Electroacoustic Music 1966-1991)
60. Req - Crack - Skint (Frequency Jam LP)
61. Richard Thomas - Muffin Spencer-Devlin/Hawaii 2 - Leaf (Invisible Soundtracks 2 EP)
62. Harold Budd - Ice foles in eden - All Saints (Lonely thunder LP)
63. Spectrum - sounds for a thunderstorm - Space age recordings (Forever alien LP)
64. Howie b - Cry - Polydor (Music for babies LP)
65. To Rococo Rot and d - a3 - City slang (Set this sandy piece EP)
66. Bernard Herrmann - Nocturne the flashlight - Varese (The Day The Earth Stood Still OST)
67. **** ***** - ****** - ******* (****** **)
68. Rufige Kru - Fabio's ghost (Shwantology re-edit) - Reinforced (Ghosts of my life EP)
69. Mira Calix - Little long gone - Warp (Skimskitta LP)
70. Aphex Twin - Side D Track 2 - Warp (Selected Ambient Works Vol.2 LP)
71. Derek Holzer - Skaftafell: Mountain Stream - SoundTransit Field Recordings
72. Gavin Bryars - The Sinking of the Titanic - Venture (The Sinking of the Titanic LP)
73. Peter Green - Witches - Rephlex (Macbeth EP)
74. Harmoanius Gloop - Closetface demo - The Fear (Unreleased)
75. Tim Tetlow - a cyreinc - Planet Mu (Planet Mu 7")
76. Uli Schuster - Adlershof parc: A park with some bird sounds - SoundTransit Field Recordings

Get it here - and be sure to sign up for Blogariddims - Ive heard some of the upcoming mixes, and theres lodsa great stuff in the works...


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lol... no Queen this time Im afraid Jenks, but that LP's definitely getting another airing. Lodsa great tunes on it...

john eden

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I checked out some of this last night and it was very nice. Subscribed to, and am well excited by the prospect... nice one, Droid - hope you got the illegible letter from me OK the other day.

I also found podcasts from FWD and VP Records... :cool:


john eden said:
I checked out some of this last night and it was very nice. Subscribed to, and am well excited by the prospect... nice one, Droid - hope you got the illegible letter from me OK the other day.

Arrived safe and sound. Good to see that your handwriting is the exact opposite of the calm and assured tones of your voice. :D

I might send a scrwaled reply back, and we can have an illegibility competition!

You want more soundclashes btw? got gbs and gbs of audio - old and new....


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I have been listening to this when the rest of the house sleeps. And I have really started to get into it. At first i thought it wasn't as coherent as the first ambient mix you and slug did for SC but over time it has really grown on me.

I like the way it isn't all 'lie back and let the ambient wash take you away', At times it is, instead, slightly unsettling and like Adrift by Soundslike1981 it has a sense of a journey being undertaken.

Some beautiful moments where a piece of music breaks through the mixing like sun from behind the clouds.



Thanks Jenks - One of the hardest things in this game is trying to listen objectively to something youve worked on yourself, so astute and perceptive comments from people who've gone to the trouble of listening properly are invaluable.

And you seem to pretty much have hit the nail on the head there... :)