can I get ill from eating too much bacon?


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We have canine teeth and appendices. These are for chewing and digesting meat.
noel emits said:
Also what do you thing the Appendix is for exactly? Isn't it generally reckoned to be a vestigial organ?
I just read about a recent medical study which hypothesised that the appendix was originally (and possibly still is): a kind of reservoir of intestinal flora that would help re-populate the large intestine, after a bout of dysentery or whatever had drained the gut not just of it's food/waste content but also its "friendly" bacteria etc.


Huh, interesting.

I just had a BBQ burger in Syracuse that was 1/2 of beef plus 4 pieces of bacon, cheddar cheese, and spicy bbq sauce.



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i had imitation duck (tofu/gluten) with noodles :)
As in mun cha'i ya? *drools* I've got a tin sat in the cupboard but I keep getting distracted and cooking curry instead.

As Orbital put it:
sei-sei sei-sei sei-sei sei-sei sei tan
seeeiiiii taaaan


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I think heavy intake of processed (including cured) meats is correlated with an increased risk of intestinal cancers, but 'heavy' means daily or nearly daily consumption.
Studies confounded by uncontrolled factors - fatties wolfing down white bread, carbonated drinks and canola oil with their bacon-topped burgers.
You know the drill: correlation ≠ causation
There's a higher concentration of nitrites in saliva or salad leaves than cured meats.
Then there's that rat study "A bacon-based diet appears to protect against carcinogenesis, perhaps because bacon contains 5% NaCl and increased the rats’ water intake."

The case against delicious bacon is a load of unsmoked bollocks.
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