britons, please help

so, er weetabix what's it like then ? a completely subjective inquiry of course, but the curiosity is killing me now.

if you've had our products does it compare with frosted flakes ? and is it true that antipodeans get a different cereal ?


f, d , d+f , p.
mate it is the champion of all cereals!

nothing like frosted flakes - it has no sugar or any artificial content... 95 percent wholegrain wheat with the last 5 percent made up of bits of malted barley extract , salt , niacin , iron , thiamin , riboflavin and folic acid...

but basically the idea is to put something on top of it , alot of people douse their wheetabix in sugar which kind of defeats the point i think. personally , i reckon you can't go wrong with raisins or apricots! One feature is that it turns soggy in less then two minutes so one must munch it at pace.

in case anyones wondering why on earth i'd memorize the contents of wheetabix , i didnt - just so happens im eating a bowl right now!



if you like weetabix, you're gonna love CÍCÍBÉBÉ mmm also available in banana flavour :p


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alain delon said:
and is it true that antipodeans get a different cereal ?
Yeah, it's called, imaginatively, Weetbix. Two syllables, faster to say, which suits both Aussies and Kiwis... ;)

Same (boring as any other cereal that won't kill you) idea, but weirdly they do taste different. When I was in the UK for a few months I just couldn't get used to Weetabix. :)