How to save YouTube Vids (as .avi, mpeg etc..)

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I only just found out abt this in the last few hours, tested it, and yes it does work. How to do it:

1.) You need the URL of the video you want to save.

2.) go to this page, paste in the URL & press download:
*paste only the video section of the URL, if it has a '&search=' section on the end cut it off:
So if you had: united
Cut it down to this:

3.) What the site doesn't tell you. When you have downloaded the video (to your desktop or wherever), it is an anonymous file type, simply named 'get_video'. Before you can do anything else, you need to manualy re-name the file with the extension '.flv' (this is the flash video media type). Now would also be a good time to name what the video actually is, for later refrence.
So you would go from:
Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived.flv

4.) Now you have two options. You can store the videos as flash videos, and use a flash video player to watch them, like this one:
or you can convert them to a more friendly format, such as .avi or .mpeg. To do this you need this conversion program:
*Here is a nice article (with pictures) explaining the process:

If anyone needs anything extra software wise, PM me. K

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Soz missed it all. That VDownloader is excellent, a much better, simpler method. I'm having trouble downloading Google vids with it tho, anyone know what I may be doing wrong?

*EDIT It does Google ones fine too, was running in the background so I didn't know it was working till it was done..
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anything i download using vdownloader wont play in wmp, while avis i create the long way (converting from flash) do work, so I cant save google videos :(

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The extremely useful Miro player allows you to search, download and save content from Youtube as well as a number of other sources of streaming video. It plays pretty much every format out there (with, I believe, the exception of a few proprietary DRM-ridden ones) and also has an inbuilt BitTorrent client that can be set up to automatically download video content as it gets uploaded to various trackers that end up indexed on EZTV and tvRSS feeds. (Instructions here).

It's like free TiVo over the internet. The lag time between first time broadcast and availability of some shows is shockingly short and the quality can be fantastic.