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yeah that is a good one, i've seen the painting in glasgow i think, it's massive. i went to see it when i was there cos it's mentioned in the secret diary of adrian mole, i loved those books as an early teen.

i had a big problem with dali for ages, cos of the uni poster thing, where everyone had one (same issue with matisse), usually the melting clocks, but then i saw a few recently as paintings in madrid and there are some really good ones.
Same. Up close in madrid and glasgow they were impressive. He seems like an arrogant twat that was quite damaging to the wider surrealist movement from what i know. That expression, the comedy tash


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yeah, he definitely got high on his own supply. and in the context of all the other surrealist stuff, hes good, but there's some other really good stuff there. so i think you're right, he discredited the whole thing. i quite wanna rediscover surrealism, cos it was so influential on ballard. i checked out a few magrittes recently, i could get into him i think. and i love that acephale image that masson did



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Started listening to an audiobook I got for 3 quid called "The art of creative thinking".

In it, the author (a lecturer at St. Martins) claims that the sort of intense training Michelangelo (and other old masters) had would not be possible today—because, for one thing, it would be illegal.

I'd like to ask him why that is, but I don't know him.