Open source movie making


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Matt Hanson, one of the founders of the annual onedotzero festival, is trying to do something potentially very interesting: inspired by the Million Dollar Homepage and such like, he's using the web to raise cash and find collaborators to make a movie.

In his own words:

A Swarm of Angels reinvents the Hollywood model of filmmaking to create cult cinema for the Internet era. It's all about making an artistic statement, making something you haven't seen before. Why are we doing this? Because we are tired of films that are made simply to please film executives, sell popcorn, or tie-in with fastfood licensing deals.

We want to invent the future of film. Call it Cinema 2.0.
For a minimum donation £25, you get to be a shareholder in the end product and, if you so desire, get involved creatively with the making of the movie.

Anyone who's been following the recent MySpace thread in the music section should find this inspiring - artists taking control of the whole process from start to finish. I'm in. Anyone else?


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Similarly, I found this initiative t'other day, which allows you to pre-buy downloads for films not yet made, in order to generate finance. You can also trade in these downloads in a secondary market.

In essence, you commit to buy a download, with the payment only occuring once the total required budget has been reached - so there's no risk involved.

Other than if it turns out to be shit, obviously.