Dizzee Rascal- "Dream" Video


Trumpet Police
I dunno if the official single will carry it, but the b-side of the white label is absolutely blinding. Called ‘trapped’, it’s a message to all those who profess to want to stay in the endz (wiley?)…. ‘while I’m on my way to my first million, you’re on your way to the Palace Pavillion’… musically it’s probably better than anything on the album (which is high praise). An ardcorish shreaking female vocal against I love U sparring synth stabs…I’m doing it no justice here of course, so go listen.


My god! I think that just became one of my favourite videos ever - I love the marionettes, and the piano teacher's shocked expression when the helicopter arrives. It reminds me a little of Aphex Twin's Donkey Rhubarb . Love those air-humping aphex-bears.

Diggedy Derek

Stray Dog
Yeah Trapped is absolutely excellent- I heard it was "the B-side of the next single", so hopefully it'll be on the original release. With that almost Arabic style vocal and the grainy banging beats, I thought it sounded like an 'ardcore Wu Tang.