Swansong, or: What will the fat lady sing at your funeral?


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Bit maudlin, maybe, but I thought it might be interesting to find out what Dissensians would like to have played as their corpse gets passed ceremonially from one plane to the next.

Me, I'm opting for Ohio River Boat Song by The Palace Brothers. I've always had a massive soft spot for it, and I think the Ohio River stands in nicely for the River Styx.

Also, the mental image of Will Oldham's voice coming out of a fat lady's mouth gives be great pleasure ;)

Now show me yours.

Gabba Flamenco Crossover

High Sierra Skullfuck
If I died right now, I'd like Gillian Welch's 'I'm Not Afraid To Die' played at my funeral. Hopefully I've got a good few years left in me yet though, so something else might come along.

Current scores then:

Maudlin americana - 2
Ironic trashy synth pop - 1


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As of today...

Hypnotizer - The Light Is Leaving

Kelley Polar Quartet - Cosmological Constancy

Deee-Lite - Power Of Love

In that order.


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I'm with swears, probably something upbeat: ok off the top of my head...
eg. maybe "We Gotta Get Outta This Place" by The Animals
or "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again" by The Angels.
- with the obligatory unofficial additional lyrics... ;)

I Iike the wyatting idea though...


Maybe we won't have funerals, perhaps there'll be some apocalyptic event that kills us all on the spot, when the living will envy the dead. That's why I walk around with an Ipod and mini speakers linked up to program that monitors my heartrate...if the pulse stops the Wham! starts.


From a purely æsthetic point of view it would have to be The Adagietto from Mahler's 5th Symphony, since I think that is the most beautiful piece of music ever put to notes. In my imagination it is also very much like life itself in its structure: the "menacing" middle part representing death, and the finale representing some kind of a resurrection (or perhaps a reconciliation). I'm not religious though, *knocks on wood*, so I'm still not sure if I want a funeral arranged for me at all.


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I quite fancy the idea of a beach picnic myself. Or somewhere in the NZ bush by the water.

Maybe have my ashes sprinkled at Lake Sylvan.

The pic doesn't do it justice... but its a small lake with tiny pockets of golden-sand beaches - you get there via a loop track through mossy-floored forest, and have to cross a bridge at the start/end.
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vaccuum encased in perspex and fired off into space to be resurrected by gorgeous alien women and worshipped as a god to the tune of 'Parliaments - We want the funk, give up the funk, tear the roof off the sucker and turn this mother out'...

...on a side note I played 'caravan of love - Isley/Jasper/Isley' at my dad's funeral


shot by both sides
[...] so I'm still not sure if I want a funeral arranged for me at all.
Dude, funeral's aren't for the dead, they're for the living; they're gonna have to do something with our bodies, so the least we can do is provide them with some light entertainment whilst they get on with it ;)

Nice choice tho.


Mine would be..

"Is That All There Is?" by Peggy Lee
"Feeling Yourself Disintegrate" by Flaming Lips
and at the end
"American Trilogy" by Elvis, cos my dad had it and because it's pure showbiz ;)