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i'm still using a 3S, so the iphone 5 is probably 100x faster and better performing. the main issue is i don't actually have any problems with my old-timey smartphone. it works fine. but the new one is really cool. but i don't really need it.

i hate when this happens.

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I got my 3GS wet. Plugged it in and promptly melted the dock connector and scorched the inside of the screen. Miraculously the thing still worked and I had 46% power, so, unable to charge or connect to a computer, I dl'd a bunch of apps and wirelessly backed up all my contacts, photos and data. After 4 years of abuse it performed brilliantly right up to the end.

The 4s was cheaper than repairing the 3Gs, and even though I was holding out for the 5, its still a huge improvement on the 3Gs. Way faster.


is there anything that can run apps like an itouch with 3G? not really bothered about the phone (i'm happy with 10 pound phones I can loose/drop/throw) but wouldn't mind the hand-held computing side of it. Had a iphone for work earlier on in the year and definitely miss it a bit now.


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What is the point of all this crap? I already have a camera, a PC and a phone. The economy of the western world seems to revolve around buying useless gadgets.
ten years time, fun to take a stroll back and read some of these comments in lieu of recent discussion about how people are hopelessly addicted to them now.